WRFU Radio Free Urbana 104.5FM

(If you're inside the IMC wifi network, use these links instead: Listen Now (inside IMC only) and Show Recording Archive (inside IMC only).)

WRFU "Radio Free Urbana" 104.5FM is a low power FM station in Urbana Illinois. 

Our programming features an eclectic mix of talk shows and music mixes produced by local, community, and volunteer members of WRFU. Every current show can be streamed online simultaneously as the on-air radio broadcast. Additionally, there is an archive of shows for those who want to explore and listen at a more convenient time.

WRFU meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:00PM. As of late 2023, we're mostly running hybrid meetings, both in the IMC and via zoom.  If you are curious or interested in learning more about WRFU, you may contact the station manager, BJ Clark, via wrfumanager (at) ucimc.org to get virtual meeting access.

You can see the current shows in the table below.

9am-10am M-F Democracy Now!
4pm-5pm M,W,F East to West
6pm-7pm M Be'i bal en jich mam ~ Mayan Culture
7pm-8pm M CU Immigration
5pm-7pm Tu,Th The After Work Drive Show
8pm-9:30pm Tu Ladies First
5pm-6pm W Slug Time
6pm-7pm W The 11th Indian Show
9pm-10pm W The Piano Men
7pm-9pm Th WannaBe Cafe
10am-11am, noon-1pm M, Tu Meet with a Palestinian
12pm-1pm F The Blackest Hour
5:30pm-6pm F Kite Line Radio
6pm-7pm F Harukana Show
7pm-8pm F Food Labels Revealed
8pm-9pm F The Spotlight
10pm-12am F The Show (Ray Morales)
3pm-3:30pm Sa Words of Life with Miss Marilyn
2pm-3pm Su Sadiez Babies Talk Show
4pm-5pm Su Manhood Training Camp


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