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To join and become a WRFU member, it costs $25 per year in addition to the cost of membership of the Independent Media Center, which is normally $50 per year. Please complete your membership by filling out the form below and clicking on the blue Continue to Paypal button. If you have more questions, please contact the station manager, BJ Clark, via email at wrfumanager (at)

WRFU Member Perks include:

  • access to start your own radio show
  • information through the email listserv 
  • community of radio enthusiasts
  • training on radio station technology
  • development workshops for improving your overall radio experience

After joining and becoming a WRFU member, the process to start your own radio show is:

  1. Write up a proposal that includes the following: show title, show length, time slot (needs to be unoccupied by another show), who is hosting the show, the purpose of the show, and whether the show is going to be recorded live at the station or pre-recorded elsewhere.
    • Here are two example proposals: proposal01 and proposal02.
    • Be sure that your proposed time slot is not occupied by another show.
  2. Email the station manager introducing yourself and attaching your proposal

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