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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center is a grassroots organization that supports the creation and distribution of media and art that emphasizes underrepresented voices and perspectives, and promotes empowerment and expression through media and arts education.

Media + Art + Tech for Social Change!

The UCIMC was founded in 2000 by a collective of artists and activists who wanted to democratize access to arts and media production in the wake of media consolidation and the defunding of the arts. Racial and economic divides were widening, and our creative community was stifled by the limited ability of media outlets to present local artists.

The UCIMC founders aimed to invent the space, resources, and atmosphere to draw artists and community members together to investigate local problems and design solutions. We envisioned a center where collaboration, cross pollination, and serendipitous interaction were encouraged; where youth could participate in a creative "third space" as an alternative to home or school; where consumers could be producers; and where the power of media, art, and narrative to transform our community could be realized.

We've moved to Facebook Live HERE

"Sounds Like Community," a virtual event series starting Thursday, April 2nd at 7pm will Emily McKown, Matt Turino and Claire Johnson. Watch on Facebook Live from our UCIMC page. If you'd like to see others, you can join our zoom session too at this link

Community Health Updates at the IMC


More about our space and activities:

We rent out our event spaces, but we are so much more than a really great venue. We are the home of UC Books to Prisoners, Makerspace Urbana, the Bike Project of UC, the Public i newspaper, WRFU 104.5FM, The Radical Librarians and Anarchist Archivists collective, a world-renowned zine collection, and so much more. We are THE Place to plant your ideas. 

And, in 2020, we are celebrating 20 years.

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*NOTE: IMC will not be booking any new group events in the next month. We will continue to hold the following open hours with extra precautions for supporting our community health as listed above. (Updated 3/14/2020)