Working Groups

Working Groups do the programmatic work of the UCIMC, have autonomy to make most decisions over their area of responsibility, represent their working groups needs on the IMC Board and Committees. Our current working groups are:

Fiscally Sponsored Projects

The UCIMC supports the production and distribution of media, arts, and narrative to support social justice movements and community expression. UCIMC has fiscally sponsored over 30 organizations, helping to incubate dozens of non-profits. We sponsor groups that have a clear mission fit and show they can be reliable in meeting our requirements. Our current fiscally sponsored projects are:

General Operations and Core Projects

The UCIMC runs a venue and sustains the administrative nest for our working groups, fiscally sponsored projects, and core projects.

Past Projects

This is an incomplete list of past projects at the IMC.

  • UCIMC Incubator - A project to support emerging minority-led non-profits, funded by the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity from January 2022 to June 2023.