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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center


Miriam Larson became executive director of the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center in January of 2020. Previously, she worked as an elementary school librarian in the Champaign Schools. She has worked as a labor union organizer,  a community technology specialist, a children's book reviewer, and a human statue. She also plays flute with several local and traveling bands including the Mean Lids.
Dan recently moved to Urbana with his partner, who is pursuing her Masters in Art Education at UIUC, and he found the IMC while looking for local arts and social justice organizations. In his spare time, he likes playing soccer, practicing yoga, writing short stories, and going for walks with their dog Ramona. (Oil painting by Victoria Baez, 2020)
Drake is a member of BSFR | Black Students for Revolution, an active presence within CC ARC | Champaign County Anti-Racist Coalition, and Assistant Project Manager of Natural Path Nutrition, Inc. For more information on Drake Materre, see his interview with the IMC on the IMC YouTube Channel ( and visit:



Olivia is a Bilingual Venue Management Intern at the IMC, and a recent UIUC graduate with degrees in Music and Spanish.