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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

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Welcome to the webpage for the UCIMC Board of Directors! The Board has the honor and privilege of being elected by the general membership of the IMC to carry out the day-to-day business and big picture strategy of the IMC within the bounds of the IMC Bylaws. 

Board meetings are open to all members that wish to attend and are the 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at the IMC. Public input is at the beginning of the meeting.

If you would like to contact the Board, please email us at board at ucimc dot org. The email goes to all the current board members. 

Board of Directors for 2019 

Allan Axelrod | Board co-Treasurer, Finance Committee

Allan Axelrod Allan is a former Treasurer for his union, the Graduate Employees' Organization Local 6300 at UIUC, as the Janus vs AFSCME Supreme Court Decision took place. That supreme court decision almost bankrupted his union. He was not only able to keep his union from going bankrupt, but was also able to retain the staff, who are essential since 20 to 30 percent of the union's membership graduates each year. He also co-organized with the Fair Housing Campaign to amend a 25 year old discriminatory housing ordinance in the City of Champaign in study session.



Bourema "Ibrahim" Ouedraogo | Programming Committee Member


Chris Evans | Facilities Committee Member

Chris is an accomplished artist and journalist, he has been with the IMC since 2005 and have grown affectionate for the times of revolutionary media-making and the many terrific people that have past through our great building. The IMC is a vital force for a beneficial society.


Colin Dodson | Programming Committee Member, Facilities Committee Member

Colin values a lot about the IMC, but especially the space that is available for community organizing and activism.


Danielle Chynoweth | co-Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair


elizaBeth Simpson | Fundraising Committee

elizaBeth values the IMC for the shared, community access to media/arts/culture resources with deep commitment to bottom-up organization.


George Hardebeck | Programming Committee Member, Fundraising Committee Member

George values the IMC because "The IMC is a hub for our region like no other; capable of taking on moving from imperial into mutual economics, culture, society and ecology, facing our divisions, tiered by sex, race, color, creed, party, nation... species, and other tricks of the imperial (neo-imperial plutocratic, oligarchic) trade. Other local institutions may not be able to take such on the same due to expectations with affiliates, as the IMC may allow for folks to 'let their hair down'. I am very impressed with the history of the IMC and its involvement with so many other organizations, helping so many also to use IMC's not-for profit status, including helping other IMC's get going internationally."

George's Bio: "I began working in and taking on activism since earning a degree in communication arts in the early nineteen eighties, within this decade helping to put on conferences, and related projects. Over the next couple decades I lived among an intentional community, and collaborated with another, among many socially to ecologically focused organizations, initiating many projects, especially with the Society for Ecological Restoration in the beginning of the new millennia, after becoming a public servant, a naturalist in Cincinnati Parks. This grew into advocating for Native cultural to ecological identity as core to place, then reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and Life, culturally to ecologically in regionally collaborative programing and projects. Many of these can be seen under events on our Facebook group page for ARCHE - Arts Restoring Culture for Healing Earth. Shortly after moving to Urbana, I began hosting my radio program WannaBe Cafe, on WRFU, sharing with others in like focus, for reconciliation with and restoration of all long-integral and harmonized - in return from socio-economic imperialism, and so becoming involved in the IMC community, while among other fellowships, and projects with these for intentional culture. I have also been initiating a 12 Step group page on Facebook, Earth Anonymous / ACDC - Adult Children of Dysfunctional Culture, which I hope will grow beyond virtual reality, with the IMC or others, and with this seek to form a related eco-cultural arts group for the region, to help move from exploring the calling of our psyche into proactivist arts and so healing practices at large."


Jane McClintock | Facilities Committee Chair 

Jane values the IMC for its "diversity of folks, activity, ideas. Space for creativity. Maintaining a historical part of downtown Urbana by reimaging it's purpose."


Kamau Grantham | Programming Committee Member

Kamau values the IMC for "the resources it provides to the community particularly for under represented people."


Karen Medina | Finance Committee Member, Facilities Committee Member

Karen values the IMC for "The community. Folk music. The public events. The working groups."


Karthik Kakarala | Programming Committee Member

Karthik values the IMC because "The IMC has a unique role in this community, where it values art as not just expressions of ideas, but as a counterbalance to predominant power structures that willingly exclude marginalized voices. As such, it is considered a space safe for those committed to justice, human rights, and increasingly sustainable living. Even in comparison to other independent media centers throughout the Midwest and beyond, the UC-IMC is uniquely positioned to bolster that sense of community locally and beyond. As a venue for music, it is positioned to be safer and kinder than both for-profit venues that require alcohol sales to exist, and houses that usually cannot hold sufficient space or resources on a consistent basis."


Mark Enslin | 

Mark has specific goals for the IMC that he would like to support and work on. He would like to see the IMC "Continue gains in involving youth, restoring IMC as a venue for shows."


Nick Goodell | Board Secretary, Personnel Committee

nick-goodell-240.jpeg Nick G has skills that he would like to use to advance the mission of the UCIMC. He says, “I would use my ability to develop and manage human resource data to help make the IMC legible. This would enable us to better assess the needs and priorities of the building and the groups that use it.”

“As a board member, I would like to work on community outreach. There are many people in town who are not aware of all that the IMC has to offer. I would also represent the Public i on the board as one of the Working Groups of the IMC.”



Nick Pitingolo | Programming Committee



Shaya Robinson | Programming 

When asked what she values about the IMC, Shaya says,  "I value the diversity and community aspect of the IMC. You can go in and see an art show, dance, talk about race relations, yoga and many other things that are meant to serve those who may not be able to afford to go to these things at any of place locally."


Stuart Levy | Tech