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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

We want you as a member!

Membership is a vital part of the UCIMC.  Members take on the responsibility of creating the long-term vision of the IMC, electing the board members, and contributing financially to the sustainability of the IMC. We would love to have your voice as part of the active conversations -- making the IMC better!


As a member of the UCIMC, you get a host of benefits, including the ability to:

  • Know that you are sustaining one of the country's longest-running Independent Media Centers. You are, in a very real way, giving to the future. Just as 20 years ago a handful of people decided to invest in the idea of an IMC and built the infrastructure for us to continue to build on today. 
  • Participate in governing the organization including policy decision-making, electing the Board of Directors, serving on the Board yourself, planting your ideas, and creating the vision and long-term goals of the IMC. 
  • By supporting the IMC, you are also supporting the infrastructure that all the current Working Groups and Fiscally Sponsored Programs depend on. 
  • Propose your radio show idea to WRFU 104.5 FM, the IMC's low-power, community-run radio station.
  • Serve as a key-holder for an IMC Working Group.
  • Get discounts on event space rentals at the IMC.
  • Book small group meeting space at the IMC for up to 3 hours per week for free.
  • Propose that your event be co-sponsored by the IMC.

Note: We try to keep our membership dues affordable so that the whole community can participate.

  • Standard Annual Individual Membership is $50 per year.
  • We also offer a Low-Income Annual Individual Membership for $25 per year. We value your participation. 
  • Sweat Equity Membership: If paying for membership would compromise your ability to have adequate access to food, housing, or medication, we offer a Sweat Equity Membership in exchange for 5 hours of volunteer time doing specific tasks (e.g. Staffing open hours, staffing events, building maintenance tasks, etc)
    • If you would like this option, please complete this Sweat Equity request form.
    • Note: You must schedule your hours with the Executive Director. You will receive membership once your hours are complete. We value your participation. 
  • Lifetime Membership: We also offer a Lifetime Membership for individuals who make a one-time donation of $1,000 or more to the IMC. Thank you for considering this. 
  • Organizational Membership is $100 per year: Organizations can also be members of the IMC. Groups often do this for reduced space rental or as part of the process of becoming a Fiscally Sponsored Project of the IMC. Organizations cannot participate in governance, only individuals can. 

If you would prefer to mail in your membership (and save us the processing fee too), you may download this printable membership form.

Thank you very much for considering supporting the IMC with your input, your presence, and your gifts.