• East to West
    • Hosted by Chuck Simpson, East to West is a show about optimistic hope through love for each other. There is usually a quick discussion on a certain topic, mingled in with music that helps communicate the theme for the show. This show airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
  • Owen Digs
    • Owen plays music from around the globe across various genres in search of rare and interesting grooves - whether that be electronica or classical.
  • Be'i bal eb jich mam ~ Cultura Maya ~ Mayan Culture
    • Marimba music, commentary around local issues affecting the Q'anjob'al community. We have a section on local, national, and hemispheric news on issues that matter to the community. We hope to incorporate younger kids through poetry and music competitions. There are a lot of Maya marimberos and musicians out there. Also, once the studio re-opens, we hope to have occasional guests. Q'anjob'al is an indigenous language of Guatemala and parts of Mexico.
  • CU Immigration
    • A show that discusses culture, diversity, concerns, and plights of immigrants in and around Champaign County.
  • Women in Music
    • Jim Cantwell's show that features women as artists and audience. This show airs Sundays through Thursdays.


  • The After Work Drive Show with DJ BJ Clark
    • The After Work Drive Show, airing on Tuesdays and Thursdays, is a venue for local artists to get their music out into the community. It's a positive, energetic show that plays a fun mix of all types of music and provides inspiration to every listener.  Home of the CU Bands and Fans 6 o'clock shout out. DJ BJ Clark hosts the show and serves as the WRFU station manager. And remember, as DJ BJ Clark always says, Be Positive and Stay Positive!
  • Talks with Tari
    • Truth is difficult but necessary.  Let's grow together as we plant some seeds, water, and bloom.  Tune in to get some SUN from Motivational Speaker Tari Moore as host. "Those people who tried to bury you didn't know you were a seed."
  • Ladies First
    • "Full of love and smooth as R&B, with a touch of Hip-Hop" That’s how Jenell describes her DJ style! She is never afraid to talk about the real issues, but she is very mindful of pouring light into her listeners by playing feel-good music relevant to her message. Host, Jenell Hendrix, was born and raised in the Chambana area. She loves to learn and grow in her professions!


  • Homecoming
    • Hosted by Chae Pounds and Isis Rose. At Homecoming, we address two myths: 1) Hospitals are the safest place to give birth and 2) Black families don't birth at home. We broadcast how Black families birth in love and choose to birth at home, unassisted or with midwives. We interview parents, birth workers, cloth diaper enthusiasts and also feature stories of hospital transfer during planned home births and even stories of loss. In spite of the statistics, we DO have beautiful births!
  • The 11th Indian Show
    • Also known as This Indigenous Life, this show is hosted by Mr. Garza and various co-hosts.
  • Sounds Like Community
    • Sounds Like Community is a live virtual series that happens every Wednesday at 7pm. Curated by the IMC Programming Committee, the series aims to help artists and activists re-establish the time-based and community-based experiences that are so deeply diminished in our lives during COVID-19. You can find the current week's video link at:
  • The Piano Men
    • Piano music and the people who play it.  This is a syndicated program from Sam Karr.


  • WannaBe Cafe
    • What do you want to be in our community? Do you want to be the WE? Do you want to be a part of an intentional and mutual community? This show is a table discussion between host and various co-hosts.


  • The Blackest Hour
    • Hosted by DJ CK, Chris Kinson, this show is a one-hour live DJ session showcasing music from artists and musical styles descended from Africa. This is essentially a mix of sounds of the African disapora with the intent of listeners to dance, groove, exercise, or do nothing at all. The hope is that listeners will want to move their bodies in all ways possible and conceivably impossible as well as give lunch-goers something interesting to listen to over their meals.
  • Sadiez Babies Talk Show/What's Up With Kids Today?!
    • This show is from host Mercedes[sic] and features the youth's perspective on life today, current events, education, social media, peer pressure, and much more. We intend to bring positive change to the community.
  • Youth Climate Justice: The Day After Tomorrow
    • Anya and Theo, young climate activists and students, host this show that inspires all of us to be climate conscious and do the work protecting and restoring the natural environment before, during, and after the coronavirus crisis.
  • Kite Line Radio
    • Our goal at Kite Line is to amplify the voices of those within Indiana’s prison system, while encouraging dialogue with those on the outside. This is a syndicated program.
  • Harukana Show
    • The host of the show is Mugiko and the co-hosts live in the US and Japan. We will speak in Japanese as we connect the US and Japan through radio. You can come to the studio and speak through radio in Japanese or English, or in any other language, or join us by Skype or Google Chat from anywhere in the world.
  • Food Labels Revealed
    • This is a podcast about the nitty and often gritty details of labels of food, beverages, and other FDA approved items we consume.
  • The Show
    • Host, Ray Morales, dives into various sociopolitical topics - locally, nationally, and globally - as well as showcase music artists and host interviews with notable experts in their field.


  • Girl Radio/Out of the Mouths of Babes
    • Youth correspondents (all between the ages of 5 and 11 years old) attend events throughout the Urbana-Champaign community where they meet event organizers, witness cultural and arts programs, and comment on what they encounter.
  • Prison Justice Show
    • Hosted by Sam Natla, this show sets out to educate people on the prison system, to raise awareness of the issues prisoners face, and to promote advocacy to rectify these issues. The show is a mixture of interviews with involved people, talks on specific issues and relevant literature, calls to action to give people a specific avenue to enact change, and more.
  • A Critical Ear
    • This talk show is hosted by Andrew O Baoill and includes interviews and news reports discussing all things public affairs.
  • Good Afternoon Champaign-Urbana and Vicinity
    • A religious program by ministers Underwood and Carr.
  • Conscious Community Connection
    • Co-hosted by Tygar (James Corbin), Heather, Anthony, Terrell, this show is a comprehensive discussion talk- show format mixed with latest community events, new releases in music, art, and other creative genre followed by a discussion involving civic reflections, or, highlighted YouTube videos, or movies related to the Black experience in Champaign-Urbana community and America.


  • Blues Before Sunrise
    • This show is a music mix of the blues curated by Don.
  • Unitarian Universalist Sunday Church Service
    • A weekly religious program.
  • Education Justice Radio
    • Founded in spring 2013, Education Justice Radio is committed to providing a forum for expression and discussion about educational and carceral issues, especially where those concerns intersect. We present stories about the Education Justice Project events, programs, and people; related events and programs on the Urbana campus; and state, national, and international issues related to prison education.
  • Word Up
    • A collection of poetry performances from local artists, writers, and poets.
  • Radical History Reviews
    • Audio clips and other sources dedicated to exploring common and lesser known historical facts and stories as well as new interpretations of those histories.
  • Audio Interference
    • Biweekly podcast from the Interference Archive in New York City - "exploring the relationship between cultural production and social movements".  Subjects range from community gardening to opposing mass incarceration to anti-war work to activism in 1970s women's self-defense classes. More about them at: