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Sounds Like Community

Introducing the IMC's new web series! 

(every Wednesday at 7pm CST, until the IMC re-opens for physical gatherings)

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

Adam Tendler with Susan Parenti

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More on this week's presentations:

A recipient of the Lincoln Center Award for Emerging Artists, a "remarkable and insightful musician" (LA Times)  "joyfully rocking out at his keyboard" (New York Times), pianist Adam Tendler is an internationally recognized interpreter of living, modern and classical composers. A pioneer of DIY culture in concert music, at age 23 Tendler performed in all fifty United States as part of a grassroots recital tour he called America 88x50, which became the subject of his memoir, 88x50, a Kirkus Indie Book of the Month and Lambda Literary Award nominee. An active presence in all new music, experimental and classical genres as a soloist, recording artist, speaker and educator, Tendler is also considered a leading John Cage interpreter, and collaborates with the John Cage Trust and EditionPeters in presenting Cage’s work internationally. In 2019 he released Robert Palmer: Piano Music on New World Records and published his second book, tidepools.

Do you want to recommend a local artist, creation, organization, talk, or other content which you would like to see featured in our Sounds Like Community series? Please email us with your recommendations:

The UCIMC's amazing Programming Committee created Sounds Like Community in to help the community, the artists and activists re-establish the time-based and community-based experiences that are so deeply diminished in our lives. You can join the committee! email and they will put you on the email announcement list. 

Please support the UCIMC in this work. We normally rely on venue rental. So our normal monthly income is not happening right now. Any amount you can give will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

View or Listen to Our Past Shows

Wednesday July 29th: Eric Wolske and The Sullivan Sisters

Part 1: Eric Wolske: Agroforestry4Food and happenings at the U of Berry Farm

Part 2: Bluegrass set with The Sullivan Sisters, CU's award winning diaspora

Donations made before Tuesday, August 4th on will go to these presenters. 

Recordings of this show will be posted here soon

Wednesday July 22nd: Shelley Masar, Ja Nelle Davenport-Pleasure, Jose Gobbo, and Jean René Balekita 

Part 1: Improvisations in visual art and sound with Shelley Masar, Ja Nelle Davenport-Pleasure, and Jose Gobbo

Part 2: Multi-instrumental set of musical fusion with Jean René Balekita

Donations made before Tuesday, July 28th on will go to these presenters. 

Recordings of this show will be posted here soon

Wednesday July 15th: Cerbo, DJ Kahlil, and Brian and Jesse Stark

Part 1: Father and son hip-hop set with Cerbo and DJ Kahlil

Part 2: Fiddle and saxophone duo with Brian and Jesse Stark

Donations made before Tuesday, July 21st on will go to these presenters. 

Recordings of this show will be posted here soon

Wednesday July 8th: Aaron Wilson and Kevin Cory LeSure

Part 1: Poetry set with Soul on Sunday's Aaron Wilson

Part 2: Musical set with Kevin Cory LeSure

Donations made before Tuesday, July 14th on will go to these presenters. 

Recordings of this show are available here.

Wednesday July 1st: Karma Carrington and Will Reger

Part 1: Make-up workshop with Karma Carrington

Part 2: Poetry reading and interview with Will Reger

Donations made before Tuesday, July 7th on will go to these presenters.

Don't miss Karma's recently launched story hour series on facebook at

Recordings of this show will be posted here soon

Wednesday June 24th: Kofi Bazzell-Smith and Karena Tse

Part 1: Manga Storytelling Workshop with Kofi Bazzell-Smith

Part 2: A Soulful Singer-Songwriter Set with Karena Tse

Donations made before Tuesday, June 30th on will go to these presenters.

Recordings of this show will be posted here soon.

Wednesday June 17th: Ashanti Files & The Writers of Oya and Maurice Hayes 

Part 1: Poetry by youth, led by Ashanti Files, recipient of an Urbana Arts and Culture Grant

Part 2: Maurice Hayes introduces 40 Days of Peace and Community Building, a program that directs focused attention on cultivating trusting and positive relationships among community members, city officials, churches and neighbors.

For more information about The Writers of Oya, click hereFor more information on Hood Votes / Neighborhood Transformations click here.

Donations made before Tuesday, June 24th on will go to these presenters.  

You can listen or watch the archive of this show here.

Wednesday June 10th: Neely Bruce, Shirley Blankenship, and James "TYGAR" Corbin

Part 1: "Old Friends Trade Improvisations" with Neely Bruce and Shirley Blankenship.

Part 2: A Discussion of the George Floyd Uprising - is this a Moment or a Movement? - with James TYGAR Corbin, Tzia Hibler and Heather Rose.

Presenters invited donations to First Followers Reentry Program.

You can listen or watch the archive of this show here.

Wednesday June 3rd: Dr. Ming Kuo and Robin Kearton & Tom Faux

Part I: “Calm, clarity, and functioning in the time of COVID: How nature can help” Q&A with Ming Kuo. 

Part II: Robin Kearton and Tom Faux are founders and directors of the Community Center for the Arts


Zines mentioned: Working It, Learning Good Consent, Reclaiming Harm Reduction


  • Send a donation to Dr. Ming Kuo on Paypal at
  • Support the Community Center for the Arts with a donation at (Donate button at the very bottom)

You can listen or watch the archive of this show here.

Wednesday, May 27th : Stefanie "Frank" Smith and Comedy "From the Queerantine"

  • Part I: Stefanie "Frank" Smith shares "Writings from Isolation, and Harm Reduction Strategies during the Reopening"

  • Part II: “From the Queerantine,” a set of comedy and drag featuring The Beast, Nymphie Mania, Xavi Cado, and George Cruickshank.


-Stefanie “Frank” Smith -
-Venmo: NymphieManiaInstagram: @nymphiemania
-Venmo: @Allison-Martell-1
-Venmo: @George-Cruickshank-1Twitter: @GenericJokeHere
-Cashapp / Venmo : XaviCado

You can listen or watch the archive of this show here.

Wednesday, May 20th : Sam Natla and Chris Logan

  • Part I: Sam Natla, who hosts a weekly show on WRFU called Prison Justice, will visit Sounds Like Community for a short talk on police brutality across the United States and how communities have responded. 
  • Chris Logan founded his company CHRIS LOGAN Graf-X in 2006 gave an airbrush demonstration and talked about his art and small business. Learn more about his art and view samples on his facebook page,

Presenters invited donations to Aleyah Lewis' Legal Defense Fund

You can listen or watch the archive of this show here.

Wednesday, May 13th : Ja Nelle Pleasure and Neely Bruce 

  • Part I: Ja Nelle Pleasure shares poetry with improvised responses by Neely Bruce.

  • Part II: Neely Bruce shares original compositions and improvisations with thematic responses by Ja Nelle Pleasure. 

Performers invited donations to The Eastern Illinois Foodbank.

You can listen or watch the archive of this show here.

Wednesday, May 6th : Brazilian Music and Poets Speak Justice for Aleyah

Resources to support Ms. Lewis' Case and Legal Defense Fund: 

Schedule for Sounds Like Community:

  • Part I - Brazilian & Afro-Brazilian folkloric and popular music by Sr. Wilson Roca
  • Part II - Champaign-Urbana Poets Speak Justice for Aleyah
  • The guest MC was IMC Executive Director Miriam Larson.

Performers invited donations to the Sr. Wilson via his friend Mark's Venmo (@Mark-Becker-26) or paypal to and Aleyah Lewis' Legal Defense Fund

You can access the archive of the first half here and the second half will be posted soon. 

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020 : Miriam Larson and Stand Up Comedy

Our guest MC’s for the week were Jane McClintock and Ibrahim Ouedraogo. Ibrahim gave an introduction in French to the evening’s performers. 

  • Part I: Miriam Larson shares Irish, New England and old-time tunes on flute with layered backup on jaw harp. She’ll intersperse some favorite contemporary and traditional folk tunes by artists including Lhasa de Sela and John Prine.

  • Part II: Four local comedians will bravely experiment with virtual comedy. Farah, Tanya, Andrea and Annie, frequent performers at local Broad Comedy nights, will give the audience something to laugh about in these difficult times. 

Performers invited donations to the Independent Media Center COVID-19 Revenue Recovery Campaign, Tanya's Venmo Account @tany4nyta, Doctors Without Borders and Chicago's Food Bank.

You can listen or watch the archive of this show here.

flyer for April 22 2020 Sounds Like Community

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 : the Earth Day edition of Sounds Like Community

  • Part I: How Local Food Systems Heal Our Bodies and Our Soil with Dr. Anita Ung and Dr Japhia Ramkumar.
  • Part II: Cosmic Charlie Harris tells the story of the Rose Bowl Tavern's successful leap into live streaming, explains the RBTVmedia calendar, and then joins Cody Jensen to share folk tunes on bass, banjo and more in their celebrated duo, Bones Jugs. Donations are being shared between Bones Jugs and The Rose Bowl Tavern via To purchase digital downloads of Bones Jugs music through bandcamp:

More Resources:

  • Slides for the Local Food Systems presentation can be found here.
  • And you can listen along with the the slides with the audio recording coming soon from WRFU.
  • Links to some of the projects mentioned during the Local Food Systems presentation:
    • Drawdown Project on climate solutions: Drawdown Project's website and the book, Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming. (2017). by Paul Hawken.
    • Pollinator Pocket resources from the University of Illinois' Extension here
    • The Randolph Street Garden (in Champaign, IL) is welcoming volunteer gardeners. Find out more on their facebook page.

The archive of this show is in two parts: slide show and audio.










Wednesday, April 15, 2020:
elizaBeth Simpson (founder of the We Wanna Woke community Justice choir) and Michael Holt (performer/author and house culture advocate) performed live, and shared conversation on what's they're doing to "rehumanize music."

Tip Michael and ElizaBeth through ko-fi HERE. Donations are being shared with Cidadania em Cena

Find the archived show at (link coming soon):

Thursday, April 9, 2020: (yes, our first two shows were on Thursdays)
Part I: "How to Access Solar" with Amanda Pankau (of Prairie Rivers Network), Scott Allen and Cate York (Citizens Utility Board), and Susan Parenti (School for Designing a Society/Cassandra Project).
Part II: West African music by Ibrahim Ouedraogo. Ibrahim requested that donations be directed to the Eastern Illinois Food Bank

Resources from the Talk "How to Access Solar":How to Save With Solar (PDF)

Find the full archived show

Thursday, April 2, 2020: featured singer-songwriter Emily McKown and members of the band Meadowhawkfiddle/guitar duo Matt Turino and Claire Johnson. Donations for this show went to the Channing Murray's Bucket Brigade -- delivering essential groceries to extremely low-income families in Urbana who are recommended by Cunningham Township Supervisor’s Office. UPDATE: The show raised $200 dollars, according to the Channing Murray Foundation!

Find the archived show on the UCIMC's facebook page.