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Sounds Like Community @ the UCIMC provides a safe and accessible online venue for emerging and established artists connected the Champaign-Urbana community to reach our audience during the pandemic and winter months. The UCIMC fosters innovative art forms and encourages new voices from underrepresented populations to be experienced by Central Illinois audiences.

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Wednesday, April 20th, 7:00 PM
Sounds Like Community presents

A Screening of "Free Trade Refugees: From Chiapas to the Prairie" followed by a conversation with Filmmaker, Researcher and UIUC Alumna Dr. Carol Huang

***CLICK HERE!!!***


Join Filmmaker, Researcher, and UIUC Alumna Dr. Carol Huang for a screening of "Free Trade Refugees: From Chiapas to the Prairie" followed by a conversation between the filmmaker and SLC audience members.


Previously on SLC:

Wednesday, April 6th, 7:00 PM
Sounds Like Community presents

Imagining Freedom: Plotting Liberation (2of3)


Imagining Freedom Presents: Plotting Liberation part 2 of 3
Exploring our evolving identities and how to see each other past assumptions and stereotypes

Panel discussion including Gizelle, Taylor, Mycal, Stephanie, Aliyiah, Saba, and Faith 

{{IF}} is a creative screenwriting and filmmaking project that supports a re-imagining of the world and current possibilities through film analysis and culture creation


(The SLC season will continue on first and third Wednesdays of the month through May 2022)


About SLC

Why did SLC get started?:

  • Given that community-based experiences are needed by all of us
  • Given that our definition of "we" and "all of us" is: the diverse community of Urbana-Champaign, especially the artists and the social justice activists,
  • Given that we care for each other,
  • and out of deep love and appreciation for each other, Given that in order to keep each other as safe as possible, we need to be physically distanced during this global pandemic called COVID-19
  • Given that we are deeply diminished by being physically distanced
  • Given that the technology exists to allow us to be socially connected while being physically distanced  

Therefore, the UCIMC created "Sounds Like Community", a weekly production of two 45 minute sets, to help the community, the artists, and the activists re-establish the time-based and community-based experiences that are so deeply diminished in our lives by the physical distancing needed during this global pandemic called COVID-19.

Sounds Like Community is brought to you by the UCIMC! Donate to the UCIMC so we can continue this type of programming AND continue to provide the much needed infrastructure for local IndyMedia, local community organizing, and our amazing working groups (Books to Prisoners, Makerspace, WRFU, Public i). The UC-IMC normally relies on venue rental for income; COVID-19 has severely cut this as income. So, any amount you can give will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Make a Recommendation: Do you want to recommend a local artist, creation, organization, talk, or other content which you would like to see featured in our Sounds Like Community series? Please email us with your recommendations: [email protected]

Join the SLC team! Program design, selection, and scheduling of artists is accomplished by a programming committee made up of artists, art enthusiasts, and members of the public who represent diverse backgrounds and tastes. Decisions are guided by the principles of the UCIMC, with an emphasis on public access and underrepresented voices. // email [email protected] and they will put you on the email meeting announcement list. Tell them you want to be part of Sounds Like Community.

Past shows are also archived

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