Facilities Master Plan Request for Proposals

Posted: 5/9/24
Proposals Due: 6/6/24

The Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center (UCIMC) is seeking proposals for an Engineering & Design Team that will work with our leadership to create a 10 year facilities master plan for our arts and media center in Urbana. Our 30,000 sq ft facility is located at 202 S. Broadway Avenue, Urbana, IL, known as the historic downtown Urbana post office building. 

Funding for this project is provided in part through a grant from the State of Illinois. Labor for any work associated with a contract award shall be paid prevailing wages. Consultant selection will prioritize individuals who have lived experience of mobility challenges or who are certified or willing to certify as MBE, WBE businesses. 

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RFP Timeline

Send questions to 

[email protected] or check this webpage
Questions sent by Wednesday, May 22nd will be addressed in the info session and posted on the webpage

Virtual Info Session

Thursday, May 23rd, 12-1pm (will be recorded and posted on this webpage)

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Proposals Due:

Thursday, June 6th, 5pm - send proposals to [email protected] (see below for proposal guidelines)

Selection Decision:

Wednesday, June 12th


Project Description


The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center (UC-IMC) is a community organization in downtown Urbana, IL organized as a 501c3. The organization owns the historic post office building and leases first floor space to the USPS (3,000 sq ft) and second floor space to businesses, artists and community organizations (spaces ranging from 200-1,000 sq ft). The UC-IMC’s own program space consists of a first floor open event/venue/gallery space (~4,800 sq ft) and several enclosed spaces in the basement (one 2,900 and two 1,000 sq ft spaces, respectively). The building is approximately 30,000 sq ft in total and constructed in 1914 with additions added in the 1960s and 1980s. The original building is masonry construction with concrete floors and a wood frame roof. 

In 2024, UC-IMC completed a renovation of the air conditioning and air handling systems. The old central chiller and old air handlers were replaced with an energy efficient distributed system consisting of multiple split system heat pump units and a packaged gas-fired rooftop unit.

The central heating system is a hot water hydronic system with a single aging boiler that is beyond its service life and needs replacement. The hydronic system heating hot water pumps (2 pumps, VFD) distribute hot water to radiators throughout the building. The radiators appear to be in serviceable condition, but the thermostats are controlled by an obsolete pneumatic system with limited functionality.

A ramp was just recently completed providing an accessible entrance to the lower level of the building for the first time. This allows participants to access programming in the lower level via a north entrance. Programming includes a Makerspace and Books to Prisoners Project. Books to Prisoners volunteers regularly moves heavy boxes of books to the main floor for shipping; the ramp will help volunteers roll the books on a cart if needed, however, the lack of accessible transport between lower level and main floors is still inconvenient because the ramp from outside to the main floor is on the south side of the building. 

The Post Office is a tenant of the UCIMC and has a lift that is open to the public only during post office hours. The lift is managed by the post office according to the lease agreement. It provides access to the post office space only and is located on the south west corner of the building. Regular maintenance issues make this an inconsistent accessible entrance for the post office. 

Finally, the UCIMC was awarded a grant from the City of Urbana to install a meeting space or revamp a current space to be used for meetings and community gatherings. Considerations are ongoing about where to locate this. Use for this space will include in-person meetings, hybrid meetings, youth hangout space, small presentations, etc.

We are looking for a design team that will help us take into consideration the wide and varied uses of our arts and media space. We will select a team that listens well and collaborates effectively in the design process. Design teams that have past experience working with small nonprofits should include descriptions of these projects and client references in their proposal. 


  • Facility Master Plan for 2025-2035 to include
    • Current and future usage overview of facility
    • Facilities projects identified by priority 
    • Funding/revenue plan with tentative milestones and funding opportunities. Must address: replacement of the aging boiler, electrical upgrade options for solar installation, elevator feasibility for second floor access, fire alarm system replacement
    • Design drawings for at least 4 participant-facing facilities improvement drawings (examples: south accessible entrance beautification, building signage, elevator location study and design)

Project Overview

  • Meet with Executive Director and Facilities Committee Advisors to tour the building and receive orientation to building usage
  • Assess current systems - boiler, fire alarm system, accessibility
  • Review existing building mechanical and electrical plans and past facilities master plans 
  • Meet with Executive Director to review data collection results and priority facility projects (Tentative date: End of June)
  • Develop cost estimates for projects in next 10 years
  • Capital cost planning for existing facilities
  • Identify short, medium and long-term projects
  • Create design drawings for top 4 short and medium-term projects
    • At least one of these should be signage
    • At least one should be meeting space
    • At least one should be boiler replacement and heating system controls
    • At least one should be electrical system upgrades for solar and potential electrification of the central heating system
  • Create a report with funding suggestions - including solar installation funding options
  • Meeting with Design Team to review cost estimates, accessibility projects, financing options and design drawings (Tentative date: End of August)
  • Advise on vendor lists 
  • Submit and present a complete draft Facilities Master Plan to the Executive Director and Facilities Sub-Committee
  • Submit a Facilities Master Plan and present to Board of Directors 

Tentative Timeline:

  • Submit draft plan: Tuesday, October 8th 
  • Present draft plan to Facilities Sub-Committee: Tuesday, October 15th, 6:30pm
  • Revise based on feedback and submit a final plan: Tuesday, Nov 5th
  • Present Facilities Master Plan to Board of Directors: Tuesday, November 12th, 6:30pm


Proposal for UCIMC Facilities Master Plan


Name of company:

Company address, phone, website:

MBE/WBE status; Expiration Date of MBE/WBE Certification (if applicable):  

Main contact person for this proposal, including name, phone, email:

Brief descriptions of 2 completed projects of a similar nature within the past 5 years:

Client references (2)

Approach to the Project

  1. Please describe your overall approach to successfully completing this project. 
  2. Define the key tasks and milestones for completing this project.
  3. Please describe needed resources for support/collaboration from the UCIMC

Qualifications / Key Personnel

  1. Provide a brief description and history of the company and any subcontractors on the Engineering and Design Team. 
  2. Name the key personnel responsible for project completion, and provide brief biographical descriptions and qualifications for each key personnel.


  1. Indicate the total cost to complete this project.
  2. Provide a breakdown of project costs by key task.