Did you know? 73% of 911 calls for Urbana Police are for non-criminal or non-violent issues.
Yet the city is moving on hiring more police, before exploring opportunities for Community Responders.

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Attend the City Council meeting where this budget will be introduced Tuesday May 28 at 7pm

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This petition was created by Community Wellness and Solidarity,
a project of the Independent Media Center. 


Given the vast majority of 911 calls for Urbana police are non-criminal or non-violent; and 

Given that crime in Urbana is at a historic low, while housing insecurity and hunger are on the rise; and

Given dozens of cities dispatch community responders to non-violent calls for service in a safe, trauma-informed way, that reduces racialized harm; and

Given that this council has approved significant increases in the Urbana Police budget while defunding community programs; 

We do not support hiring more police officers at this time. We will vote for officials who invest in community response models and support services, like housing, which have been proven to reduce crime.

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