The Independent Media Center’s Zine Library has been around since the inception of the IMC in 2000. Zines, short for “magazines,” are self-published creative works of self-expression or activism. Their sizes, depth, and content vary, and they provide an outlet for people to create whatever they want, about whichever topic they want. Zines are also a form of knowledge sharing for communities and create a space for people to express themselves outside of the institutional constraints of publishers and academia. 

While not it was not always on the first floor by the Main Stage, the Zine Library has found its home in the space where it is currently located. During the IMC’s open hours, people can browse the Zine Library, read zines, and even make their own with the supplies available at the IMC. 

As many people don’t know about the IMC Zine Library, we wanted to introduce the space and highlight one area: queer expression. Below are some of the IMC’s favorite queer zines from the Zine Library’s collection:

#1: Homos in Herstory: 19th Century Edition by Elvis Bakaitis

#2: Lived Realities of Gender by Rude Girl

#3: Nobody Puts Candy in the Corner by Candy Lawrence

Visit the IMC to take a look at these zines, plus many more, yourself! Currently, zines are available for browsing and not for check out. 

You can also donate zines to the Zine Library by dropping them off in our zine mailbox:

You can also make a zine yourself with supplies available in the Zine Library:

You can follow the Zine Library on Instagram @uc.imczines to stay up to date on events and more!