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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

openED Archive

The Anarchist Archivist collective is pleased to announce the initial phase of the creation of the UCIMC openED archive!

The collection is in Room 226 on the second floor of the UCIMC.

The archive contains a variety of materials from the establishing of the UCIMC, including:  back issues of the Public i and other indymedia, radical newspapers and magazines, Illinois zines, WRFU radio recordings and more. 



Some of our digital history: 

Explore the first two years of the Public i [2001-2002] or visit [2003 - 2011]

Visit a snapshot of the first UC-IMC website [here]

See an inventory of content in the archive* [here] 

We are open by appointment. 

Questions? Donations? Want to volunteer? *Want to see something in the archive?

Please contact us: openedarchive [at]