The archive is now located on the first floor next to the library and office.

We have a variety of materials from the early days of the UCIMC, including: 

  • back issues of the Public i and other indymedia,
  • protest signs,
  • Illinois zines,
  • WRFU radio recordings
  • and more! 



Some of our digital history: 

Explore the first two years of the Public i [2001-2002] or visit [2003 - 2011]

Visit a snapshot of the first UC-IMC website [here]

See an inventory of content in the archive* [here] 

The Radical Librarian and Anarchist Archivist collective has placed all project work on hiatus until further notice and the archive is closed until the UCIMC re-opens to the public. Please contact: [email protected] or 217.344-8820.