On April 25th, the IMC Board of Directors gathered to reflect on this challenging moment and consider how to put our resources to best use. We discussed priorities for each area of our committee work and summarized the big ideas in four focus areas for the year. 


Focus Areas

1. Building Accessibility 

We're committed to making our building a more physically accessible space through ramps, lifts, and/or elevators. To that end, we are leveraging grants from the local TIF and state funds.

2. Participatory & Responsive Programming for Social Change

During this historic moment we are listening to the artists, organizers, activists, and community members who catalyze social change in Urbana-Champaign and responding with resources and training programs that boost their resounding voices. #BeTheMedia

3. 20th Anniversary Celebrations

It's our 20th anniversary this fall--let's celebrate! We'll be hosting a series of events inviting back those who've called the UC-IMC home over the years, leading up to some big events in the fall. 20 Years in 2020!

4. Toward Sustainable Growth

The IMC is thriving, and we want to make sure it stays that way! We're building our internal infrastructure through our Board of Directors, in cooperation with our staff to plan for sustainable growth to serve our community!

Committee Goals

Programming Committee (Co-chairs Keith Moore and Shaya Robinson)

  • Build community connections and accessibility
  • Increase infrastructure for groups seeking partnership (fiscal or otherwise)
  • Train community members in facilitation/tech/resources
  • Clarify what partnership “looks like in the age of COVID-19 Crisis” or in the digital age in general

Facilities Committee (Chair Jane McClintock)

  • Determine membership priorities regarding accessibility and energy efficiency
  • Leverage state funding opportunity to plan towards most efficiently to achieve member priority
  • Make it happen

Fundraising Committee (Chair elizaBeth Simpson)

  • Clarify purpose and structure
  • Board Activation: Training and engagement (May - June)
  • Update base-building infrastructure (ONGOING)
    • Organize/orient constituent management process
    • Develop resources of IMC narrative and photos
  • Campaigns and Grant support
    • COVID Revenue Recovery Campaign 
    • Sustaining donor campaign (20 for 20) with matching fund (May-Aug)
    • Major campaign for facilities or mortgage paydown (Aug-Dec)
    • Supporting ED to grant fulfillment (Ongoing)

Personnel Committee (Chair Nick Goodell - outgoing July 2020)

  • Merge membership committee under this wing (and volunteers?)
  • Get interns/venue managers program up and running, or prepared to run, when the quarantine is over
  • Continue to update our Board of Directors IMC Handbook, training,...develop more guides for knowledge transfer...

Finance Committee (Chair Danielle Chynoweth)

  • Solid finances: Pay off mortgage, 15 year USPS lease, stable/reliable tenants regularly communicated with, 6 months of expenses in the bank.
  • Infrastructure: Clarity around working group and fiscal sponsorship, simplify books, separate out bank accounts, transparency and self-serve for working groups.
  • Training and documentation of finances for ED, Board, subsequent Treasurers (and recruit said Treasurer)

Tech Committee (Contact Stuart Levy)

  • Find acting chair and populate the committee

Conflict and Communication (No contact)

  • Find acting chair and populate the committee