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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

Immediate Needs

...of the UCIMC

We know, you have been thinking,

"I wish I could offer to do something at the UCIMC. It is such a lovely community center to have right in the downtown Urbana. I wonder if I could just stop by and spend a few minutes (or a few hours) of sweating for the cause. I wish there was a list of things I could choose from."

Well here is your wish come true. 


The Official Immediate Needs List 

(last updated: 2020 January 23)


  • Cleaning – adopt a space and offer to clean it regularly.
  • Grant writers – 2020 is the UCIMC's 20th anniversary! We are going to do events, we might as well get grant money to do them.
  • Roof repair – If you know anything about roofs, then you can help us figure out options, help us get quotes, and then write a recommendation for board approval.
  • Electric –
    • figuring out a few things before we call in the electrician -- it will save us money if we know where the correct electrical box is 
    • Ballast help for fluorescent lights.
    • Changing lightbulbs (ladder work) and marking places we need ballast help
  • Plumbing -- help us save money by breaking down the wall (and repair the wall after) so the plumber can focus on the pipes and not have to do the drywall work. Or you could offer to the do the plumbing and we can hire a drywall person. 
  • Sorting and dispersing “stuff” left at the IMC: the stuff by the handicap door, lost and found piles, computer equipment, the janitor’s room in the basement, the walk-in safe, the hallways in the basement and 2nd
  • Sound system trained people to help with events. 
  • Air filter changing party – ASAP. Then monthly.
  • Take some dirty laundry and bring back clean: Wash mop heads and rags.
  • Help us maintain this list. 

Who to contact: Miriam Larson at [email protected]



Will you volunteer?