Membership is a vital part of the UCIMC.  Members govern the organization, elect the board, and contribute financially to the sustainability of the UCIMC.  Membership benefits include the ability to host a show on WRFU and discounts on space rentals.


Complete this membership form to join or renew your membership, then return to this page and pay using one of the following methods: 


Pay by credit card:

Select from the following and you will be taken to a secure Paypal site to pay via credit card.

A) Standard membership - $50 per year.
B) Low income membership - $25 per year.
C) Organizational membership - $100 per year.

Pay by cash or check:

You can mail your membership or drop in and ask for Dean, UCIMC Operations Manager.  Make checks payable to UCIMC. Mail to UCIMC, 202 S. Broadway #100, Urbana, IL 61801.  

Pay by sweat equity:

If paying for membership may present a hardship, you may elect to become a member through sweat equity by giving 5 hours of volunteer time doing specific tasks in return for an annual membership. Tasks include staffing open hours, staffing events, or other tasks assigned by our Operations Manager. To take advantage of this, please email [email protected] or call 217-344-8820. You must schedule your hours in advance for them to count towards membership. You will receive membership once your hours are complete.