$50 Individual Membership

Membership is a vital part of the UCIMC.  Members govern the organization, elect the board, and contribute financially to the sustainability of the UCIMC.  Membership benefits include the ability to host a show on WRFU, serve as key staff to a program, and discounts on space rentals.

This is a membership for 1 individual for 1 year.

Who's donating

Alvarez Dixon
Peggy Patten
Todd Kinney
ann Hettinger
Patrick McClard
Nupur Sahai
Ed Hawkes
Jenny & Jim Barrett
Tanisha King-Taylor
Ann Quackenbush
Adrian Bettridge-Wiese
James Kilgore
Lara Orr
Peter Floess
Stephen Fonzo
Patricia Marlow
Julie Laut
Susan Hill
william gorrell
Ed Hawkes
S Somerville
Peggy Patten
Todd Kinney
Adrian Bettridge-Wiese
Peter Floess
Gergana Slavova
Jamie Storm
Gary Storm
Austin McCann`
Christopher Kinson
Contributions are tax deductible.


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