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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

$50 Individual Membership

Membership is a vital part of the UCIMC.  Members govern the organization, elect the board, and contribute financially to the sustainability of the UCIMC.  Membership benefits include the ability to host a show on WRFU, serve as key staff to a program, and discounts on space rentals.

This is a membership for 1 individual for 1 year.

Who's donating

Amy Williams
Andrew Fink
Tanya Josek
Felice Kaufmann
Margaret Miller
David Cisneros
Allan Axelrod
Bill Brown
Aimee Rickman
Todd Kinney
Darya Shahgheibi
Ken Salo
Colin Dodson
Gergana Slavova
Tom Miebach
Barry Isralewitz
Matthew Murrey
Matthew Murrey
Alvarez Dixon
Peggy Patten
Todd Kinney
ann Hettinger
Patrick McClard
Nupur Sahai
Ed Hawkes
Jenny & Jim Barrett
Tanisha King-Taylor
Ann Quackenbush
Adrian Bettridge-Wiese
James Kilgore
Contributions are tax deductible.


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