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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

Who We Are

Miriam Larson became executive director of the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center in January of 2020. Previoulsy, she worked as an elementary school librarian in the Champaign Schools. She has worked as a labor union organizer,  a community technology specialist, a children's book reviewer, and a human statue. She also plays flute with several local and traveling bands including the Mean Lids.
Dan recently moved to Urbana with his partner, who is pursuing her Masters in Art Education at UIUC, and he found the IMC while looking for local arts and social justice organizations. In his spare time, he likes playing soccer, practicing yoga, writing short stories, and going for walks with their dog Ramona. (Oil painting by Victoria Baez, 2020)
Dannon Dripps recently moved to Urbana from Portland, OR where he managed the Academy Theater, a historic, independent movie theater, for 14 years. He was also involved with the community radio station, for 6 years in various roles and studied Media and Theater Arts in college, with an emphasis on film and photography. He is excited to join the UCIMC as a Venue Intern.
Drake is a member of BSFR | Black Students for Revolution, an active presence within CC ARC | Champaign County Anti-Racist Coalition, and Assistant Project Manager of Natural Path Nutrition, Inc. For more information on Drake Materre, see his interview with the IMC on the IMC YouTube Channel ( and visit:
Kiana Kazemi is the IMC’s Outreach Intern and works with the Disinformation Defense Project. She is a recent graduate of The Fletcher School at Tufts University where she studied International Relations.

My name is Kay Crushshon. I'm a senior at Urbana High School pursuing coursework and experiences in the creative sector. My plan for the future is to get my BFA in 2D Animation and apply to Nickelodeon as a storyboard artist, and maybe someday, build up my own studio.

I am heavily involved in my community and have even worked with the City of Urbana's Arts and Culture program, completing an internship through the Illinois Arts Council. But even before that  I was helping out at The Urbana Free Library and volunteering in the arts as a camp counselor. 

My goal right now is to find a place that will allow me to use my concept art, character design, and storyboard abilities in the field of media arts. Learn more at


People powered

Our IMC is a people-powered organization. With over 1000 volunteers across all programs, our volunteer hours contribute the work of approximately 24 full time staff members.

Here are some photos from our "Barn Raising" of the radio tower. Yay WRFU (radio free Urbana). 

painting the entrance

putting together the radio tower working together
radio tower piecing together petridish doing his radio tower cabling! Creating the radio station room out of nothing at all.
Soldering together, building community Barn Raising the radio tower -- artists are vital for getting the idea to the people Committee meeting in the family room.

Small stuff makes the big stuff work

How it all works together. Somehow, there is always a floor that needs cleaning.
Chris Evans gives the thumbs up.


Look what it looked like before it was a radio station! Makerspace making it.