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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center

Our Center

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The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center offers creative, inspiring and collaborative spaces to work, to host your events, and for meeting space -- all your needs at affordable rates. We are located in the historic Post Office building in the heart of downtown Urbana Illinois. Our address is 202 S. Broadway, suite 100; Urbana, IL 61801.

We have venue spacesoffice spaces, and meeting spaces. If you just want an inexpensive parking space, we have those too. 

All rates are discounted/subsidized by the UC-IMC as part of our mission.

You must schedule the space use through our staff. 

Contact the Program Director <> today.

If you'd like to schedule your event at the UCIMC: 

  • You can call us at (217) 344-8820,
  • or email us at with your event details: 
    • Describe the event you would like to have
    • Date and time you would like to have the event (you can check the IMC's event calendar here first to make sure the date is available). 
    • Will the event need other things besides chairs and tables? Will you need the sound system or an overhead projector and screen
    • Name of the contact person for the event?
    • Basic contact info like phone number, email address for the person who will be the main contact person about the even
  • or this online form will give us your basic contact info and we will get back to you. 

You can also arrange an appointment to see the space!

Why Rent From UCIMC?

Connect with diverse UCIMC artists in residence for additional artistic support and inspiration.

Transportation to and from UCIMC is easy.

  • Visitor parking: City parking meters in the downtown Urbana area are enforced Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Parking in the municipal garage at 100 W. Main St. (just kitty-corner from the IMC) is available for 25 cents an hour for the first two hours and 50 cents for each additional hour.
  • The local bus system, the Champaign-Urbana Mass Transit District, operates a main hub right across the street from the IMC. The 3 closest MTD bus stops are: (2 on Broadway) Lincoln Square Garage East and Lincoln Square Courthouse, Lincoln Square Garage South (on Elm Street).  
  • The Bike Project is located inside UCIMC, providing you with yet another means of healthy and eco-friendly transportation.

WRFU 104.5 FM (Radio Free Urbana) is on-site and available for you to broadcast shows in areas of your expertise or simulcast your event.

You can arrange a tour of the building through the Program Director <> . On the tour, you will be introduced to the IMC's Working Groups, the amazing history of the UC-IMC, and some cool aspects of the old post office building (built in 1914).

Meeting Spaces: Small group meeting spaces and Gathering spaces

We have beautiful, comfortable non-private meeting spaces with WI-FI. We can provide electrical power strips upon request.

Our zine (and book) library is one meeting space on the main floor. The library has a conference table and is a very productive space.

Next to the IMC's Library is the "mural" area. This area is often set up with comfortable chairs, and a low table.

Our library, meeting space, and a public computer access lab are available off the Main Space. Depending on the other events happening in the building, there might be other spaces that can be used for smaller meetings.

  • If you are a non-profit organization with a similar mission, you must become an organizational or individual member to get up to one meeting per week up to 3 hours for free -- donations are encouraged (our utility bills for this big beautiful building are quite high). Often groups who meet will pass the hat to support the IMC.

  • If your group does not want to become a member of the IMC, you will be charged for meeting space usage.
  • You must schedule the space use through our staff. Please email <> -- we have a lot of groups wanting to use our space.

  • NOTE: If there will be any type of performance, it is an event, not a small group meeting.  If more than 20 people are expected, it is an event. If you need access to the sound system, it is an event.

Office and Artist Studio spaces

A wide variety of large and small spaces are available at competitive prices for retail services, offices, workshops, studios, and more. You can connect with diverse UCIMC artists-in-residence for additional artistic support and inspiration!

We have a variety of sizes and artist studios with rents from $155 - $750/month with utilities and WIFI included. 

Up to $2000 in grants are available from the City of Urbana for new businesses - we can help you apply! City of Urbana business grants

Make an appointment to see what rooms are available by contacting our Operations Director <> or call 217-344-8820.

Parking Spaces

We rent parking spots at the best rate in downtown Urbana at $30 per month.

Our Event Space 

  • Event Space: A large 4500 SF space available for rent for your events, art shows, or performances. 

The UC-IMC houses a large community center, including a 4500 SF event space with 299 capacity. This provides an opportunity to hold performances, church gatherings, conferences, workshops, art exhibits and other events on-site at hourly or daily rates.

Our main event space is complete with a stage, lighting and sound equipment.

Access is through the front doors (up the front steps) or accessible side wheelchair accessible entrance. 

The main floor is wheelchair accessible and there is an all-gender, accessible bathroom. You can call 217.344-8820 if you have any accessibility questions. 

Choose either The Main (Stage) Space, the Sunroom, (or Both), or the Gallery Space:

  • Moveable walls allow you to configure the spaces.
  • 15 tables and ~200 chairs available for use.
  • The Main Space:
    • Raised, accessible stage
    • Lighting and sound equipment for a small additional cost. [Or you can bring your own.]
    • Projector and screen can also be arranged for a small additional cost. [Or you can bring your own.]
    • Size: 2500 square feet 
    • The Gallery space is directly connected to the Main Space.
    • The Sun Room is accessed through the Main Space as well.
  • The Sun Room:

    • Sunny (hence the name Sun Room) and quieter.
    • Size: 2300 square feet
    • Connected to the IMC Main Space
  • Gallery Space
    • Approx. 400 square feet of windowed space between the Sun Room and Main Space.
    • Consider showing your artwork here! We welcome your display free of charge -- people can visit your display during our normal open hours.
    • We do charge hourly fees for opening or closing events, as these are not usually during our regular hours of operation.
    • The IMC collects a percentage of all sales.

Event Rate Schedule

  • Non-members can rent one space  (Main or Sunroom) for $50/hr (or $500/day) or both spaces (Main and Sunroom) for $80/hr (or $800/day).
  • You can become an organizational or individual member to benefit from discounts! UCIMC Members can rent one space for $40/hr, or $400/day. Both spaces simultaneously go for $60/hr or $600/day.
  • A security deposit of $100 and full payment for the rental is required BEFORE the event.
    • To reserve the date, at least the damage deposit must be paid. The full payment can be made in installments, but the entire amount (plus the damage deposit) must be paid before the event. 
    • The $100 security deposit will be refunded after the event, pending inspection of the space, confirmation of no damages, and completion of all required items.
  • Other options: For events aligned with our mission, our programming committee may consider co-sponsorship, at $30/hr rate. You must be a member of the IMC for your event to be eligible for IMC co-sponsorship. For co-sponsorship, you must also agree to mention in your advertising that the UC-IMC is a co-sponsor AND that the UC-IMC is supported in part by the Illinois Arts Council Agency AND that people can donate through Community Shares of Illinois.

Contact us today: Program Director <> or call 217.344-8820

Important Event Information

  • Photo ID is required at time of contract signing. Minimum age to rent space is 18 years of age.
  • Youth events must have adequate adult supervision (25 years of age or older).
  • All events must end by 12AM and the building must be clear and locked by 1AM. Exceptions must go to the programming committee, so exceptions must be
  • Absolutely no fire arms or weapons are allowed in the building. 
  • All events are drug free. Absolutely no illegal narcotics are allowed. 
  • The building is smoke-free. Event attendees can smoke outside, but must be 15 feet from an entrance in accordance with the Illinois state law. 
  • IMC is an all ages venue. Most events welcome all ages. For meetings, we do have children's books section in the library and a cart of children's art supplies.
  • Parties and music events will need a written security plan. You will agree to provide the volunteer or professional security. The IMC can help you design the security plan that includes designated people at the doors and checking all the public spaces. Usually that means 2 to 5 people doing safety checks the entire time. You and your security people are empowered to ask any people violating the venue rules to leave.  
  • Our NO ALCOHOL policy is strictly enforced. We are an community arts center where people of all ages are welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • To have alcohol at an event, it must be well-controlled and covered by your insurance. You must have all of the following documented:
    • A licensed server.
    • Liquor liability insurance. Most caterers have both a trained server and liability insurance, so this is the easiest way to accomplish these.
    • A written security plan.   
    • You will need special permission granted to you by the IMC Board.
    • The City of Urbana also has ordinances about alcohol at public events. So you will need a special event permit and a temporary liquor license from the city.
    • Unless you have all of the above, our NO ALCOHOL policy will be strictly enforced. The IMC is an all-ages community arts center and a safe environment.  
  • The IMC reserves the right to shut down an event. 

Sound System Information

For events requiring a sound system, there are three options:

  1. You provide and use your own sound system
  2. You can reserve an IMC sound technician for $50/a night. 
  3. We can have an IMC sound technician train you as a sound tech! Then you only pay to use our sound equipment at $12/event.

    Sound Tech Training!
    • Sound equipment tech training is available by appointment. Contact the Program Director <> to schedule a training.
    • Please take the training! It is fun and enlightening!  
    • Only venue approved sound technicians are allowed to use the in-house sound system and access the Venue Equipment Cabinet.
    • No venue-approved sound technician means no use of our equipment. Please do not attempt to use our sound equipment without training -- it takes our volunteers a lot of time to get the settings correct.

Frequently Asked Question: "I want to organize a show with a couple of local bands. We don't have any money for renting the space. Is there any way we can use the IMC as our venue?"

Yes. Live music events are welcome, and we can allow a certain number of live music events to have the space for free. Strong preference is given to local bands. Also, one person must take all responsibility. That person must convince us they are responsible, understand and value the IMC's house rules, and respect the space. If live music is not part of the event, then the event (at this time) must pay for the use of the space. 
  • You are strongly encouraged to make a donation to the IMC (utilities alone cost us up to $4,000 a month). While we love to have poor artists use the space, we must also be able to keep the space financially stable. So, please please please recommend our amazing venue to people who can pay for the space.
  • Our calendar is here: Please check it for available dates.
The IMC is an alcohol-free, drug-free, and weapon-free venue -- the IMC strives to be a safe space for all ages and it is your responsibility, as host, to keep it a safe space.

As host, you will need to:

  • have someone trained on our sound system and to get access to the microphones and wiring.
  • be responsible to make sure your guests respect the space.
  • have helpers run security -- check the spaces to make sure people are not sneaking in alcohol or drugs,
  • take out the garbage and clean up at the end of the event.
  • tuck in the sound system
  • lock all the doors and turn off the lights
We highly recommend that you, as the host to the bands, find helpers to help do these other things. Your attention is not well split among these tasks.
Let us arrange an appointment for you and your helpers to see the space. Contact the Program Director <> or call (217)344-8820.