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Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center


The UCIMC seeks interns in a variety of areas throughout the year. As an all-volunteer organization, it is a great place for students to get hands-on experience in grassroots organizing, non-profit management, and community building. There are many ways to get involved, and we are happy to work with professors and students to craft internships that can meet both course needs and UCIMC resources and opportunities. Applications are rolling, and those who are interested may contact us at [email protected] or 217-344-8820.

Above all, student interns at the UCIMC have the ability to be creative in their approaches to addressing community needs through our resources.


We have hosted past interns in the following areas and, depending on our current staffing and volunteer leadership, may be able to arrange internships in the following areas: 


Electronic Hardware Maintenance Interns

The UCIMC receives many donations of electronic hardware that almost work, but not quite. Few volunteers possess the skill necessary to analyze and repair such hardware, or even determine whether the hardware can be fixed within a reasonable amount of time with few resources. Electronic Hardware Maintenance.

Interns will:

  • Determine which pieces of hardware can be repaired within given time and budget constraints
  • Attempt to repair hardware that could work again
  • Find new, creative uses for older, underutilized pieces of electronic equipment

Information Technology Interns

The UCIMC receives many donations of usable computer hardware. However, as a volunteer organization, the extent to which UCIMC can use this hardware is limited by volunteer skill, time and determination. Information Technology

Interns will:

  • Install, configure and maintain critical networked office components such as laser printers, scanners and AV equipment
  • Provide tier 1 desktop support to UCIMC staff
  • Find new, creative uses for older, underutilized computers and peripherals

Library & Archives Interns

The Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center maintains a small collection of books, zines, and periodicals. Our volunteer library working group uses an open-source online catalog for these materials as well as for our institutional archives and special collections. Internship opportunities exist for students interested in working with community/non-profit organizations, archives, special collections, cataloging, and open source library technologies and library systems.

Interns will:

  • Cataloging intern: Catalogue books, zines and other materials.
  • Literacy Programming intern: Develop and implement youth and young adult literacy programming such as zine readings, zine making workshops, electronic publishing
  • Archives intern: Work directly with print materials in the UCIMC Archive or Barbara Vogl Collection and Archive. Activities would include inventorying and cataloging materials, storage, indexing and digitizing. Archives include audio, video and computer media as well as paper documents.
  • Digital library intern: Work directly with open source software to improve access to all collections.

Media Archives Interns

The UCIMC Media Archives Intern will work with the Public I, WRFU, Shows and Librarians working groups to develop and maintain a multimedia archive of material produced at the UCIMC and by UCIMC members.

Interns will:

  • Digitize materials and making them available on the web
  • Archive recordings of live performances, lectures, interviews, press conferences, radio shows, oral histories, and print publications
  • Assist the Librarians group with storage and organization of these archives

News Media Production Interns

News Media Interns will assist with the production of news for multiple media - video, radio, print, and web. The UCIMC will provide training, equipment and distribution outlets.

Interns will:

  • Conduct local research and interviews for stories that affect the local community
  • Film, record, edit, and publish these stories (on-air, online, and over public-access TV)
  • Outreach to bring new volunteers into the groups
  • Develop media contacts and community contacts with government, non-profit, and civic organizations to develop the news teams’ ability to be notified of breaking stories and upcoming events.

Outreach Interns

The UCIMC Outreach interns will maintain the UCIMC Visitor Center and work with Community Connections.

Interns will:

  • Recruit and coordinate volunteer staff to welcome visitors to the UCIMC
  • Give tours of the space to visitors
  • Maintain a display case of work by local artists and manage the sale of these items
  • Develop outreach and promotional material
  • Develop and maintain alliances with campus and community groups with similar missions
  • Assist with Membership Drive in the Spring
  • Organize booths and Urbana Farmer’s Market, U of I Quad Day, and other local events

Shows | Booking & Promotion Interns

As an all-ages venue, the UCIMC hosts local musicians, artists, and cultural events on a regular basis that appeals to diverse audiences. Interns will develop programs, increase the diversity of existing events and help promote events hosted by the UCIMC.

Interns will:

  • Schedule, book, coordinate and contract events
  • Actively recruit artists, bands, workshops, exercise classes, etc. to be booked at the UCIMC
  • Respond to artists and performers who reach out to the UCIMC regarding exhibit and performance options and opportunities
  • Publicize events through the UCIMC website, social networking, local online calendars, phone calls, newsletters, listserves, fliers, press releases, and more

Shows | Live Event Interns

As an all-ages venue, the UCIMC hosts local musicians, artists, and cultural events on a regular basis that appeals to diverse audiences. Interns will be responsible for the successful running of live events hosted at the UCIMC. 

Interns will:

  • Set up, put away and operate sound and lighting equipment for live shows
  • Provide live simulcast broadcasting of events on WRFU-LP Urbana 104.5 FM 
  • Develop audio and video documentation for later rebroadcast on WRFU and UPTV 
  • Assist performers / artists as needed and as appropriate

WRFU | Underwriting Interns

The WRFU Underwriting Intern will work closely with the WRFU working group in the management of WRFU finances and PR.

Interns will:

  • Coordinate underwriting initiatives
  • Develop promotional materials
  • Acquire underwriters to help cover the station’s annual operating costs
  • Research and contact local businesses and organizations and establish relationships with WRFU

WRFU | Production Intern: UCIMC Podcasts

The UCIMC Podcast Intern will work with the various working groups of the UCIMC to create a weekly 5-15 minute podcast on the events, working group projects, and goings-on at the UCIMC. 

Interns will:

  • Maintain regular communication with UCIMC working groups
  • Record and produce audio
  • Make the podcast available on the UCIMC website and on other podcast directories

WRFU | Production Intern: Automation

The WRFU Automation and Public Service Announcements Intern will assist the WRFU working group with the operation of the WRFU automation system.

Interns will:

  • Schedule syndicated and automated shows
  • Add new music and PSAs to automation
  • Reach out to local organizations to elicit PSAs to produce for air on WRFU