WRFU Birthday Extravaganza Nov. 13 & 14

You are invited!

Friday, Nov. 13th & Saturday, Nov. 14th

at the Independent Media Center


Celebrating the 4th anniversary of Radio Free Urbana

Community radio by and for the people

The Show                    10pm-12am
Watch the making of a live episode of The Show with Ray Morales*


Audio Skill Shares      11am-2pm
Learn how to make great radio!  All ages, all skill levels

Potluck Dinner            6pm-8pm
Meet-and-greet for radio lovers & past and current members, unveiling of photo gallery, audio scrapbook listening party, and group history of WRFU

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UCIMC Seeking Applicants for Full Time Operations Director Position

Full time with benefits.
Application Deadline: Sunday, December 1, 2013 to chyn@ucimc.org

Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center
202 S. Broadway Ave. Urbana 61801

www.ucimc.org • (217) 344-8820

Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center (UCIMC), a local grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice in the Champaign County area, seeks a permanent, full-time Operations Director.

We are seeking a person with a commitment to social justice, strong customer service and communication skills, with an attention to detail. 

Home Wireless Network Keeps the Snoops Away

by Kate Murphy

LIKE most people, Kim Thomas has a broadband connection at home that she uses to check email, surf the Internet and stream music and video.

But unlike most people, Ms. Thomas, 56, a program director for a charitable foundation in Portland, Ore., has no monthly bill. All she did was buy a router and rooftop antenna , which not only granted her free access but also made her part owner of the infrastructure that delivers the signal. Total cost: about $150.

Ms. Thomas is a participant in the Personal Telco Project, one of a growing number of community wireless mesh networks in the United States and abroad. These alternative networks, built and maintained by their users, are emerging at a time when Internet service providers are limited in number (some argue monopolistic) and are accused of cooperating with government snoops.

ILL POETS SOCIETY vol II: The Aaron Ammons Project

Dr. Raymond Morales is teaming up with prolific poet Aaron Ammons aka Brother A-Dub to produce a 19 track Spoken Word album featuring some of the best performers from S.P.E.A.K. Café and beyond.

Darrell Cannon, Survivor of Police Torture and Wrongful Conviction, Speaks at the IMC and University YMCA

Darrell Cannon, survivor of police torture, wrongful conviction, and 24 years in prison spoke to large crowds at the Independent Media Center and University YMCA today. Mr. Cannon was tortured by Chicago police in 1983 and then again though nine years of solitary confinement in Tamms prison. He fought continuously for his innocence, finally succeeding in 2008. His civil suit against the City of Chicago is still pending.

Mr. Cannon shared the horrific details of his torture, pausing to tap his cheek for strength and comfort. He was captured by three Chicago police detectives who cracked his front teeth with the barrel of a shotgun - they shoved it in his mouth and pretended to fire. They hung him by handcuffs, wrenching his shoulders. After each of these events he refused to confess to the murder they accused him of. Then they shocked his genitals with a taser electroshock stun gun. He finally confessed. It was this forced confession, without proof or witnesses, that was used to put him away for life.

What Is a nüz/böx? One Way to Join the Movement for Hyperlocal Media

What is a nüz/böx?

First, it’s spelled with an X, a Z, two ümlaüts and a slash/. Even the name calls your attention. The pronunciation of nüz/böx is intentionally ambiguous. How do you pronounce it?

Pronunciation, like many aspects of a nüz/böx, is something the curator(s) – which is you if you decide you want to do it – give(s) form and direction to. A nüz/böx is purposely designed along minimalist lines, of concept, architecture, labor, and materials. It’s easy to do.

In simple terms, a nüz/böx is a hyperlocal, off-the-grid nexus of news, media and arts hosted by one or more households. There’s just one so far in the whole world, but I think it has wide appeal. Your neighborhood can have one …or more! I intentionally designed it to be a flexible concept, but can see networks of people joining together to put nüz/böxes along streets around town

This Year’s Best-Kept Secret: The Next Generation of Community Radio

Thanks to the Prometheus Radio Project from our community, too. WRFU-LP 104.5 was one of the first projects Petri and his crew worked with, leading to the station going on the air in November 2005.

by Amy Goodman

NYC Collective Space: Joyful Noise in Silent Barn, an Alt-Arts Mecca

A very IMC-ish space, with some interesting ideas...

by Alan Feuer

The D.I.Y. arts scene — that illicit and usually itinerant cultural milieu — may have found a legal, if not a permanent, home for this summer in New York. It is called the Silent Barn, and it could be thought of as Brooklyn’s First Church of the Perpetual House Party.

Last weekend, in its renovated warehouse in Bushwick, the Boston band Speedy Ortiz was playing on the kitchen floor while some of the residents were jamming upstairs in a second space known, with ironic misdirection, as the Champagne Room. A barber in a porkpie hat was giving trims in his improvised salon beneath the public record store at the site. In the courtyard, partygoers drank cheap beer beside a vegetable garden and the Canned Ham, a ‘70s mobile home that serves as a small bed-and-breakfast for out-of-town musicians passing through New York.


Immigration. Yes. Chicago Youth Violence. Yes. Education. Yes.

On this spoken word project titled ILL POETS SOCIETY, six (6) poets from across the great state of Illinois were brought together to expound on the modern day issues facing America. The crown jewel of this project is a spoken word piece titled "Chi City Youth" by Jazmine McKinney. From the outset, she captivates audiences with her wordplay as she expresses the grief in her soul for her family, friends and community. To download the album for free, visit www.TheShow1045.com.

The film is available for checkout at local public libraries and cultural centers within the Champaign-Urbana community. This project was funded by SORF and supported in part by a City of Urbana Arts Grant.

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