Solidarity Rally Turns into Spontaneous Temporary Occupation

On Friday, March 11, 2011, approximately 300 people joined a nationwide student walkout and rally on the quad at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. What was unique about this rally was the number of many new faces of people who did not typically show up for rallies on campus. They have clearly been inspired by the mass protests in Wisconsin and rapidly spreading throughout the Midwest in Indiana and Ohio.

The rally was part of a nationwide call for student walkouts in solidarity with union workers in Wisconsin. On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers rammed through legislation undermining the collective bargaining rights of public sector unions in the state capitol in Wisconsin where there have been ongoing demonstrations for three weeks. On Friday morning, Governor Scott Walker signed the bill into action.

Boycott of Chick-fil-A Organized By EQCU

Local LGBTQ activist group Equality Champaign-Urbana has announced a boycott of the Chick-fil-A restaurant franchise. This action is in coordination with the LGBT law group OUTlaw as well as other University of Illinois student groups who are working to keep the fast food chain's contract from being renewed at the UIUC. Indiana University South Bend, Florida Gulf Coast University, Duke University and the University of North Texas are also working to either remove the franchise or keep it from coming to their school.

Recently the restaurant came under fire from the LGBTQ community when it was revealed that they have donated food and money to a number of anti-LGBTQ groups including Focus on the Family, the National Organization for Marriage, Exodus International and the Pennsylvania Family Institute. Chick-fil-A has also said that same-sex couples are not welcome at the company's marriage institute.

Equality Champaign-Urbana believes that it is neccesary to boycott Chick-fil-A because they finance inequality. It is wrong to pay for our own discrimination or anyone else's.

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Home Street Home


Consider this: as I write this article, I can look out my balcony and see a number of homeless people asking for food and money on Green Street in Champaign.  People pretend to send text messages or cross the street just to avoid confronting dingy-looking adults.  We all have problems, so why not ask someone, “Will you allow me to help you?” 

It took a first-hand perspective and some guidance from a man named David Pirtle for me to understand the gravity behind this concept.  Pirtle started his journey here in Champaign, where he once attended Parkland College.  While battling with schizophrenia he wandered the country for several years and found himself homeless in Washington DC.  Someone finally reached out to him, helped him get cleaned up, and he now works with the National Coalition for the Homeless advocating for the rights of individuals within the homeless community of the District of Columbia.

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Report from GEO's Michael Verderame in Madison

Below is a report back from Madison by the GEO's Michael Verderame. BD


About Indiana

Video: Kersey discusses why he’s opposed to House Bill 1479. It is an education bill that focuses on revamping and privatizing failing schools. The bill is very similar to a nation-wide program proposed by President Obama. In his 2012 Department of Education budget, Obama is looking to allocate $600 million for the project.

I sat down with Indiana State Representative Clyde Kersey last night at Comfort Suites in Urbana to talk about what’s going on in his home state. Of the 40-member Democratic caucus, some 35 representatives are on the run in Urbana, one in Kentucky, two are missing and two were left on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Indiana Democratic Representative Clyde Kersey Appears on University of Illinois Campus

*****UC-IMC Exclusive*****

In a surprise visit, Indiana Democratic Representative Clyde Kersey gave a talk in Latzer Hall at the University YMCA on Wednesday, February 24, 2011. He and the entire Democratic caucus have fled the state. About 35 of them have taken refuge in Urbana where they are holding out on two bills which would destroy public education and undermine unions in Indiana.

“How long will we be out?” Rep. Kersey said. “As long as it takes.”

The Indiana Democrats are opposing two bills, HB 1468, the so-called “right to work” bill, a union-busting piece of legislation. According to Kersey, in 22 states where similar bills have been passed, salaries have gone down an average of $5,500.

What has received less media coverage is the “voucher bill,” HB 1479, which will dismantle the public school system and eliminate teacher bargaining units.

“It’s an attack on teachers. It’s an attack on working men and women,” Kersey said.

Black History Month Issue of the Public i out Now!

The February issue of The Public i is out now! There are articles on: Coretta Scott King by Courtney Suzanne Pierre; Chicago artist Margaret Burroughs by Brian Dolinar; the legal battle of Timothy Kendrick; racial microaggressions by UIUC profs; an eBlack update by Noah Lenstra; UC2B by Laura Allured; SOLHOT article by Porshe Garner; and a visit to Guinea by Isak Griffiths.

There is a complete archive of essays from the MLK essay contest on our new web site.

Also, read about the effort to erect a new tower for WRFU, 104.5.


Campus Rally to Support the Protesters in Wisconsin

The people of Madison and the rest of Wisconsin are not alone in protesting their government. Others are standing up for labor rights all across the Midwest in Michigan, Iowa, Ohio and Indiana, and showing support from across the nation and beyond. Today, at noon, ralliers met and spoke at the Alma Mater on the University of Illinois campus. They shouted support for the people of Wisconsin and spoke about their own issues in organizing here. The Service Employees International Union, for example, hasn't had a raise in years while the University president got an extra $170,000 and improvements on his residence. 

Join the effort; go to the University YMCA, where groups like the Campus Faculty Association and the Graduate Employee Organization will hold down camp until the bill in Wisconsin gets defeated. Watch movies, come study, host your own events, come and learn. 

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Talk on Homelessness by Alex Roth

Check out the February 2011 edition of the Public I to read about my first-person experience in Washington DC.


Songs in the podcast:

"Nowhere Man" by The Beatles

"Wedding Cake" by Cataldo

"Home" by Explosions in the Sky

"Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues" from the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack

"Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

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Timothy Kendrick's Legal Nightmare Finally Ends

A Texas man's two-and-a-half year old drug case in Champaign County finally came to an end on February 9, 2011 in Judge Tom Difanis' courtroom after State’s Attorney Dan Clifton suddenly dropped the case. The alternative was for Judge Difanis to rule on an 8-page Motion to Dismiss for lack of a speedy trial. Had the State not dropped the case and the judge not granted the Motion to Dismiss, then the trial would have commenced.

Timothy Kendrick was arrested on Sept. 4, 2008 when coming from Houston, Texas to pick up his brother in Champaign and go to see their mother in a Chicago hospital.  The apartment where Kendrick went to pick up his brother was raided within that half hour by the Drug Enforcement unit of the Champaign police with a search warrant. Kendrick claims that of the five adults who were present on the scene, or brought in from the parking lot, one of them was let go and Kendrick’s fingerprints were the only ones taken. He says his photo id was taken from his pocket while he was handcuffed and a crime scene photo was taken with his ID propped up in a kitchen cabinet, above a drawer where drugs were found.

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Urbana-Champaign Stands in Solidarity with the People of Egypt!

On Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011, a solidarity rally for Egypt took place at the Champaign County Courthouse in downtown Urbana.

More than 100 people stood in the bitter cold to show their support for the ouster of Egypt's President Mubarak and called on the US to get out of the Middle East.

One woman reported that her sister who is in Cairo told her that there were F-16s doing flyovers above the city, planes which the United States had sold to Mubarak.


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Man Claims Beaten by Sergeant in Jail

Qwantrell Ayers was brought into a courtroom Friday morning, Jan. 21, 2011, in a wheelchair. He claims that the previous Friday, Jan. 14, he was kicked in the back, his groin, and had his leg injured by Sgt. Johnson in the Champaign County jail. He has been in and out of Carle Hospital three times since the alleged beating due to internal bleeding described as “excessive.” A colostomy bag was attached during surgery after he was having difficulty urinating. His leg is also swollen making it difficult to walk.

He was in court for a ruling on his fitness to stand trial for criminal charges against him. After a report filed by Champaign psychiatrist Dr. Jeckel, Qwantrell was ruled to be unfit by Judge Heidi Ladd and will receive treatment at the McFarland Mental Health Center in Springfield. Also in the courtroom was Qwantrell’s mother, who I spoke with in order to get her son’s account of what happened.

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New Year, New Issue of the Public i

Dec 2010/Jan 2011 issue of the Public i is out and available around Urbana and Champaign this week.  Look for copies around campus, downtown Urbana, downtown and North Champaign, and here at your friendly neighborhood independent media center.


Of course, you can also download a copy here, too!

2011-01coverTopics covered this month include:

Historic Passage of the Local Community Radio Act (pictured left) by Danielle Chynoweth

Sheriffs Deputy Fired for DUI by Brian Dolinar

Volunteers Bring Open WiFi Network to Detroit by Brian Duggan

The Long Fight for a Wind Turbine Comes to a Head by Amy Allen

A Great Literacy Campaign for African America in the 21st Century by Amira Davis

Responses to Illinois civil unions by Paul Nolan, Phillip Reese, and students from Urbana High School

Everybody Wins, a poem by Kumar Salehi

Clear Bad Baggage, a poem by Durrell Callier, Suzanne Hassler & Kristina Williams

VEYA Youth Documentary Video Released

A video documentary on issues facing African American youth has been released by VEYA (Visionaries Education Youth and Adults). It features interviews from 2005 with local black youth. On December 28, 2010, the video debuted on UPTV. More screenings on UPTV and in the community are being scheduled.

Youth Documentary Part 1

Youth Documentary Part 2

Youth Documentary Part 3



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