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Home Street Home


Consider this: as I write this article, I can look out my balcony and see a number of homeless people asking for food and money on Green Street in Champaign.  People pretend to send text messages or cross the street just to avoid confronting dingy-looking adults.  We all have problems, so why not ask someone, “Will you allow me to help you?” 

It took a first-hand perspective and some guidance from a man named David Pirtle for me to understand the gravity behind this concept.  Pirtle started his journey here in Champaign, where he once attended Parkland College.  While battling with schizophrenia he wandered the country for several years and found himself homeless in Washington DC.  Someone finally reached out to him, helped him get cleaned up, and he now works with the National Coalition for the Homeless advocating for the rights of individuals within the homeless community of the District of Columbia.

The IMC Weekly for the Week of Monday, February 28th

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Report from GEO's Michael Verderame in Madison

Below is a report back from Madison by the GEO's Michael Verderame. BD


About Indiana

Video: Kersey discusses why he’s opposed to House Bill 1479. It is an education bill that focuses on revamping and privatizing failing schools. The bill is very similar to a nation-wide program proposed by President Obama. In his 2012 Department of Education budget, Obama is looking to allocate $600 million for the project.

I sat down with Indiana State Representative Clyde Kersey last night at Comfort Suites in Urbana to talk about what’s going on in his home state. Of the 40-member Democratic caucus, some 35 representatives are on the run in Urbana, one in Kentucky, two are missing and two were left on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Indiana Democratic Representative Clyde Kersey Appears on University of Illinois Campus

*****UC-IMC Exclusive*****

In a surprise visit, Indiana Democratic Representative Clyde Kersey gave a talk in Latzer Hall at the University YMCA on Wednesday, February 24, 2011. He and the entire Democratic caucus have fled the state. About 35 of them have taken refuge in Urbana where they are holding out on two bills which would destroy public education and undermine unions in Indiana.

“How long will we be out?” Rep. Kersey said. “As long as it takes.”

The Indiana Democrats are opposing two bills, HB 1468, the so-called “right to work” bill, a union-busting piece of legislation. According to Kersey, in 22 states where similar bills have been passed, salaries have gone down an average of $5,500.

What has received less media coverage is the “voucher bill,” HB 1479, which will dismantle the public school system and eliminate teacher bargaining units.

“It’s an attack on teachers. It’s an attack on working men and women,” Kersey said.

Black History Month Issue of the Public i out Now!

The February issue of The Public i is out now! There are articles on: Coretta Scott King by Courtney Suzanne Pierre; Chicago artist Margaret Burroughs by Brian Dolinar; the legal battle of Timothy Kendrick; racial microaggressions by UIUC profs; an eBlack update by Noah Lenstra; UC2B by Laura Allured; SOLHOT article by Porshe Garner; and a visit to Guinea by Isak Griffiths.

There is a complete archive of essays from the MLK essay contest on our new web site.

Also, read about the effort to erect a new tower for WRFU, 104.5.


Campus Rally to Support the Protesters in Wisconsin

The people of Madison and the rest of Wisconsin are not alone in protesting their government. Others are standing up for labor rights all across the Midwest in Michigan, Iowa, Ohio and Indiana, and showing support from across the nation and beyond. Today, at noon, ralliers met and spoke at the Alma Mater on the University of Illinois campus. They shouted support for the people of Wisconsin and spoke about their own issues in organizing here. The Service Employees International Union, for example, hasn't had a raise in years while the University president got an extra $170,000 and improvements on his residence. 

Join the effort; go to the University YMCA, where groups like the Campus Faculty Association and the Graduate Employee Organization will hold down camp until the bill in Wisconsin gets defeated. Watch movies, come study, host your own events, come and learn. 

The IMC Weekly for the week of Monday, February 21st

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