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Urbana-Champaign Stands in Solidarity with the People of Egypt!

On Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011, a solidarity rally for Egypt took place at the Champaign County Courthouse in downtown Urbana.

More than 100 people stood in the bitter cold to show their support for the ouster of Egypt's President Mubarak and called on the US to get out of the Middle East.

One woman reported that her sister who is in Cairo told her that there were F-16s doing flyovers above the city, planes which the United States had sold to Mubarak.


The IMC Weekly for the week of Monday, January 24th

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Man Claims Beaten by Sergeant in Jail

Qwantrell Ayers was brought into a courtroom Friday morning, Jan. 21, 2011, in a wheelchair. He claims that the previous Friday, Jan. 14, he was kicked in the back, his groin, and had his leg injured by Sgt. Johnson in the Champaign County jail. He has been in and out of Carle Hospital three times since the alleged beating due to internal bleeding described as “excessive.” A colostomy bag was attached during surgery after he was having difficulty urinating. His leg is also swollen making it difficult to walk.

He was in court for a ruling on his fitness to stand trial for criminal charges against him. After a report filed by Champaign psychiatrist Dr. Jeckel, Qwantrell was ruled to be unfit by Judge Heidi Ladd and will receive treatment at the McFarland Mental Health Center in Springfield. Also in the courtroom was Qwantrell’s mother, who I spoke with in order to get her son’s account of what happened.

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New Year, New Issue of the Public i

Dec 2010/Jan 2011 issue of the Public i is out and available around Urbana and Champaign this week.  Look for copies around campus, downtown Urbana, downtown and North Champaign, and here at your friendly neighborhood independent media center.


Of course, you can also download a copy here, too!

2011-01coverTopics covered this month include:

Historic Passage of the Local Community Radio Act (pictured left) by Danielle Chynoweth

Sheriffs Deputy Fired for DUI by Brian Dolinar

Volunteers Bring Open WiFi Network to Detroit by Brian Duggan

The Long Fight for a Wind Turbine Comes to a Head by Amy Allen

A Great Literacy Campaign for African America in the 21st Century by Amira Davis

Responses to Illinois civil unions by Paul Nolan, Phillip Reese, and students from Urbana High School

Everybody Wins, a poem by Kumar Salehi

Clear Bad Baggage, a poem by Durrell Callier, Suzanne Hassler & Kristina Williams

VEYA Youth Documentary Video Released

A video documentary on issues facing African American youth has been released by VEYA (Visionaries Education Youth and Adults). It features interviews from 2005 with local black youth. On December 28, 2010, the video debuted on UPTV. More screenings on UPTV and in the community are being scheduled.

Youth Documentary Part 1

Youth Documentary Part 2

Youth Documentary Part 3



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