Chief Frazier to Speak at Community Forum Friday Night

Chief Leon Frazier, African American ex-police chief, will be speaking at a community forum on Friday night, April 15, at 5:30 pm on the topic of "Eliminating Police Abuse." The event, hosted by CU Citizens for Peace and Justice, will be at the Salem Baptist Church at 5th and Park Street.

On Thursday night, April 14, Chief Frazier held a discussion at the Independent Media Center attended by members of CUCPJ and the ACLU.


“Whose Side Are You On?” Georgia Seven Fundraiser with UIUC Student Andrea Rosales

On Wednesday, April 13, a fundraiser for the Georgia Seven was held at Ikenberry Commons on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign campus. Seven undocumented students were arrested in an act of civil disobedience on April 5 in Atlanta. Among them was UIUC student Andrea Rosales who spoke at an event titled “Whose Side Are You On?” organized by the student group La Colectiva.

Andrea told the story of the weeks of planning leading up to the action, her experience of being arrested, and her 24 hours in jail. Andrea was brought to the United States when she was five years old. She is to graduate in May with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Latino Studies. At the fundraiser, Andrea talked about her decision to carry out a nonviolent demonstration. “How many other of my fellow students would I have to see disappear?” she said. “How many would I have to see drop out of college because they couldn’t afford it?”

The IMC Weekly for the week of Monday, April 4th

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UIUC Student Andrea Rosales Among Georgia 7 Arrested Protesting for Immigrant Rights

Andrea Rosales was brought to the United States at the age of 5. She is currently a 22 year old college senior and will be receiving her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Latino Studies this May. With graduation soon approaching, Andrea finds herself unable to use her degree to give back to the community that nurtured her. She is currently organizing for the empowerment of undocumented youth with the Immigrant Youth Justice League in Illinois. Tired of waiting for politicians to act, she believes the time has come to take action.

Andreas is among seven undocumented youth were arrested at Georgia State University! All seven are being taken to the Atlanta Detention Center. Please use the links below to help raise awareness, petition, and give $ to get them out on bail ASAP.


Just to make sure you all know how to help:


1. The first petition is here: - There will be more soon

City of Urbana Votes 7-0 to Approve WRFU Tower Permit




Tonight, WRFU has passed the biggest legislative hurdle to date. In a unanimous 7-0 vote, the City of Urbana voted in favor of granting the IMC a Special Use building permit to construct WRFU's new 100' tower. This is a tremenous moment for the IMC and WRFU, five years in the making. Special thanks must be given to the volunteers who have worked so hard on creating a fantastic proposal -and- for their unwavering support to stay motivated for months and years. To the overwhelming show of supporters who attended the Urbana City Council meeting, the Historic Preservation and Planning Commission meetings:


So what's next?
We need to send our amendments to the IL Historic Preservation. As the IMC is a historically registered building, we need to run any exterior structural changes by them before we can break ground. There might be a survey or two. And then, the building can begin! That tower will be up in no time.

City Council Decides of New WRFU Tower Tonight!

New Tower: Current tower on the left; proposed tower on the rightJoin WRFU and other IMC supporters tonight, Monday April 4th, at 7pm at the City Chambers just across Vine St. from Lincoln Square (click for a map). We will present our case to get a new, higher radio tower. It'll be 100 feet tall, stand in the alley next to the building (instead of on top of the building) and reach further into Urbana and Champaign. Come to talk about how the radio station has made an impact in your life and in the lives of people in the community, or just be there to show that you care. This is the last meeting in front of the city. This evening, we will hopefully get the OK from the City to put up the new tower.

-Tatyana Safronova, WRFU Volunteer


UIUC Workers Picket, Announce Strike Intent

Press Advisory
For Immediate Release 4-3-11

Workers and supporters picketing at UIUC, give notice of intent to strike

Building and Food Service workers at UIUC will picket again Monday and Tuesday morning with local allies among students, faculty, and community members, in hopes of demonstrating their seriousness about striking the university if a new Collective Bargaining Agreement cannot be reached in ongoing negotiations.  On Friday the service workers' union, Local 73 of SEIU, gave legal notice of the workers' intent to strike a if a new agreement cannot be reached within 14 calendar days. 

Both pickets will begin at 7:30am in front of the Florida Avenue Residence Hall (F.A.R.), 1001 College Court just off Lincoln Avenue near Florida in Urbana.

Midwest Zine Fest - April 30, May 1, 2011

Celebrate the 125th May Day in Urbana at Mid-West Zine Fest!

The Radical Librarians are pleased to announce the first annual Midwest Zine Festival. It will be April 30th- May 1st, 2011 at the Independent Media Center in Urbana, IL. The Midwest Zine Festival will be a gathering of zine-makers, authors, speakers, musicians and other rad people for the purpose of celebrating zines and zine-culture.

The festival will include interactive events, food, speakers, music and plenty of zines. The festival is open to the public and admission is free. Organizers are now taking registrations from artists, zine-makers, activists, authors or groups interested in having a table, presenting talks, or purposing interactive events as part of the festival.

Find out more at

Conflict of Interest on Champaign School Board: Contracts go to Chalifoux's Husband

Why are our School District's tax dollars going to support her husband and business associates?

Not surprisingly the News-Gazette has endorsed one of their own, incumbent Kristine Chalifoux, to serve on Champaign's Unit 4 School Board for a second term. The Unit 4 Candidate has made a substantial profit from School District funds over the four years she has held her position.

If voters compare her views before she announced her candidacy back in 2005,

and in 2006,

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