WRFU 104.5 FM Signal Down as Tower Goes Up!

WRFU 104.5 FM will be down the next couple of days. We are installing a new tower next to the UC-IMC building which will greatly increase our signal when it is all finished (hopefully Wednesday Nov 28 at the latest.)

We appreciate all our listeners and hope you will bear with us as we fulfill our long-term goals of making WRFU 104.5 FM an important part of the Urbana-Champaign community and surrounding areas.

There is a video being worked on documenting the progress and ultimate installation of our new tower. If you have taken photos or video recorded the installation process and would like to have your footage included in a video to be shown on Urbana Public Television, please contact Dane Spudic at danespudic@gmail.com

In November 2005, WRFU 104.5 FM's original antenna was installed on the roof the UC-IMC building. That antenna is coming down today to be cleaned and installed on the tower.

Here's a photo-video that documented the process of installing the original antenna back in November 2005 (about 20 seconds into the photo-video the UC-IMC building as it used to look 7 years ago comes into view):

Going Up!

Second Section of New Tower Goes Up

Here is a pic of the tower assembly underway as of a couple of hours ago. It won't be long before WRFU is back on the air with a much better signal for most of our listeners and an extended reach that should serve the majority of Champaign County.

A Modest but Significant Change in the Skyline

Just back from taking a few more pics. First is a pic of our steely tower riggers as they prepare to get to work in the air this morning.

The bottom 5 tower sections were up, taking it to 100 feet, in this view from the east.

The last 10 foot section awaits installation on the ground in this pic.

The distant pics show the crane holding the next to the last section while it is secured. The top of the crane is a little higher than the tower will be once the top section if lifted into place, but the pics give you an idea of the limited visual impact, which is in proportion to its surroundings, noticeable, but not obtrusive.

This is from the west, just on the north side of the newly remodeled downtown hotel set to open in December.


The next pic is from in front of Schnucks. The tower and crane is visible between the two flagpoles on the left side.


The last pic is from the NE corner of the city building block to the east of Lincoln Square Village.



WRFU 104.5 FM will hopefully

WRFU 104.5 FM will hopefully be back on the air Thursday or Friday now.

When is WRFU going to be back

When is WRFU going to be back on the air ? I enjoy the strong emphasis on local and locally produced music.

Soon, Very Soon

A small conflict in interpretation between the manufacturer's grounding method and the way the city wants it done, plus need to punch a small hole in a wall, are holding things up. Standard stuff with radio towers, as radio grounding is a slightly different beast than standard electrical grounding. Things will be resolved shortly (city inspectors don't work weekends) and back on the air soon.

WRFU Returns to the Air on 104.5 FM!

WRFU 104.5 FM tentatively returned to the air this evening. Congrats to everyone whose help and contributions made this possible after what seemed like a really long time! Things sound good so far, so barring a few last minute adjustments, you should be able to hear WRFU much better, maybe even for the first time.

A quick survey of signal strength this evening shows that we don't quite reach the outlying towns, except south to Savoy, but there's a good stereo signal now across Champaign to at least Mattis Avenue and across all of Urbana.

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