Where Is Waldo? Lost Cat in Near East Urbana - UPDATED x2!

Where is Waldo?

Well, I'm lost and not sure. Please help return me to those who love me. I went out last Thursday (August 22) but then I got lost (from the 600 block of East Green St.) People have spotted me near the Bahai Center on Green St. and in the 300 block of South Lynn, but I am confused about which way is home.

You can contact my owners through this email address (because I can't since I don't have opposable thumbs):


As you can see by my picture, I have beautiful black-and-white fur that is bushy twoards the back. Some say I have a skunk-like tail, but I don't do that skunk thing. I am neutered and have a micro-chip. I weigh almost 20 pounds, but I'm a lover not a fighter (mostly.) I'm probably a little confused right now -- and looking less than perfect -- but I'm still friendly. If you've seen me, please let them know with an email.


Maybe Someone Saw Me near Head Start?

Someone spotted me in the northeast corner of the Head Start parking lot near the utility shed at 108 S. Webber. I was scared and ran under the fence to the east towards Lynn St, just south of Main St. Please keep a look-out for me! Then send an email to my humans at:


Waldo Still Missing

I'm still missing, despite all the help people have given those searching for me. Please check your garagaes and outbuildings in case I got stuck inside. Here are more pics to help identify me. There are a lot of black and white cats, but only one me. If in doubt, email my people to come by and check to see if it's me.




Maybe You've Seen Waldo?

Well, I'm still lost. Good thing I found this smart phone in the bushes, but without opposable thumbs it takes all night to send a message. I'm hungry a lot and thirsty, except in the morning when there's dew on the leaves to lick. And my beautiful tail is a mess! I am getting tired of this roadtrip thing.

Can you help me find home?

I've added more pics to help identify me better. I'm younger in a lot of them, so look most like the first pic where I'm posing on the teak floor. My markings are all in the same plce, though. I have a little black goatee. My tail hair is remarkable and all very dark. My paws and legs have longish hair, but I'm pretty sleek towards the front.

But keep calling the number on the flyer or email me at whereiswaldocat@earthlink.net

My owners have taken dozens of calls and looked over a dozen cats that people thought were me, They've handed out about 500 flyers with my pics. They're glad to come check out any sightings of me at any time, even if this has been disappointing so far. they really, really appreciate all the help that everyone has given.

Most cats stay close to home when they get lost, within a couple of blokcs. Sometimes they roam further. Please check any garages or outbuilngs for me that I might have slipped into and then been trapped. Maybe you'll be the one to find Waldo?

Someone Who Knows Me Saw Me!

But I panicked! And ran.

It was in the vicinity of California and Cottage Grove.

There are a lot of cats that look like me around here, so look for my bushy, skunky looking tail.

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