The Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center is a grassroots organization committed to using media production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice in the Champaign County area. We foster the creation and distribution of media, art, and narratives emphasizing underrepresented voices and perspectives and promote empowerment and expression through media and arts education. To this end, the IMC owns and operates a Community Media and Arts Center housed in the historic downtown Urbana post office building located at 202 S. Broadway Ave at Elm Street. The center includes a stage, radio station, production studios, art studios, library, and meeting spaces. We are part of the Indymedia network - an affiliation of over 200 media centers across every continent.

How to get involved at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center:

Become a member of the UCIMC! -- Visit the membership page for more details or stop by the IMC. Without the financial support of our membership the UCIMC simply would not exist. Membership costs $50 per year, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Members are welcome to use the center for rehearsals and gatherings for free/reduced prices.

Come to an event or stop by -- Check out the calendar to view upcoming events and open hours. Stop in and introduce yourself, browse our library or bookstore, and take advantage of the free wireless connectivity or public access computers. We are located in downtown Urbana post office building at 202 South Broadway at Elm Street and Broadway. Any bus that goes to downtown Urbana comes to our doorstep.

Plug into a working group or project -- The UCIMC is organized into Working Groups which each have responsibility for different areas of the Center's operations. A good way to get involved is to attend a meeting for the Working Group that most interests you. All group meetings are open to the public and all groups are eager to accept new members! You can also sign up to be on any of the Working Groups' e-mail list at http://lists.chambana.net/.

You may attend the IMC's semi-monthly Steering Group or semi-annual General Membership meetings to get a sense of the overall workings of the IMC.


UC Independent Media Center Working Groups:

Sponsored Programs housed in the IMC:

Other projects found at the IMC:

General Membership
Description: This group is made up of everyone who is a member of the IMC. The General Membership is responsible for setting the general direction of the IMC and is the only group that can change the U-C IMC's governing structure document. Anyone can become an IMC member -- visit the the membership page or IMC for details.
Meetings: Annual General Membership meeting is held in mid-December.
E-mail list: imc@ucimc.org
To join the E-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc


Description: The Artists Collective manages a studio work space for artists and offers public workshops on ceramics, mosaic, painting, wood crafts, and more.  The group also allows IMC artists to display and sell their work at the IMC.
Meetings: There are currently no scheduled meetings; please contact the group by e-mail to arrange a meeting or attend a workshop.
E-mail list: imc-artists@lists.chambana.net
To join the E-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-artists


Books to Prisoners
Description: UC Books to Prisoners accepts book request letters from Illinois inmates, finds books that meet their needs, and sends them out with a personalized letter. They also have created, stocked, and now staff the Champaign County Jail libraries.
Meetings: Work Meetings Tuesdays, 7-9pm; Thursdays, 2-4pm; Saturdays, 2-4pm.  Staff Meetings 2nd Saturday of the month at noon.
Website: www.books2prisoners.org
E-mail list: bookstoprisoners@ucimc.org
To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/bookstoprisoners


Community Connections
Description: Community Connections is a workgroup that addresses the health of the internal IMC community and its infrastructure, as well as the IMC's cultural relevance and accessibility in Champaign County.
Meetings: 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6pm.
E-mail list: community@lists.chambana.net
To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/community


Description: Handles accounting and takes care of fundraising activities, including policies, soliciting funders, grant-writing, fiscal sponsorships, and overseeing retail sales of books, periodicals, supplies, arts and crafts.
Meetings: TBA
E-mail list: imc-bookkeeper@ucimc.org
To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-bookkeeper


Librarians and Archivists
Description: Responsible for building and maintaining the IMC's progressive library project and archive of media materials; including a renowned zine collection.
Meetings: TBA
Website: library.ucimc.org
E-mail list: imc-librarians@ucimc.org
To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-librarians



Description: Outreach developed out of a recognition that the IMC needs to continue to increase its membership base and diversity, to keep current members well informed about their organization, and to present a consistent and complete public presence and resource to the Champaign-Urbana community.

Meetings: TBA

E-mail list: outreach@lists.chambana.net

To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/outreach


Print (Public i)
Description: This group assembles the IMC's monthly newspaper the public i.
Meetings: Wednesdays at 7pm @ IMC.
Website: http://publici.ucimc.org/
E-mail list: print@ucimc.org
To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-print


Description: Has produced short and long-form video, IMC Radio News, and sponsored programming onto public-access TV. The IMC Production Group manages the recording and editing facilities in the IMC Production Room and offers training and educational workshops on multimedia production and open-source media software.
Meetings: TBA.
Website: production.ucimc.org
E-mail list: production@ucimc.org
To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-production
For more on IMC Radio News visit: radio.ucimc.org


Description: Coordinates booking of bands and shows for IMC performances and handles temporary performance space rentals. Trains members in lighting and sound.
Meetings: TBA
Website: shows.ucimc.org
E-mail list: shows@ucimc.org
To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-shows


Description: Staff are the volunteer members of the IMC who keep the UCIMC space open to the public. Staff shifts can be scheduled when you are available to volunteer.
Meetings: This is not a formal group with meetings, though occasional orientation sessions are held and can be requested.
E-mail: ucimcoperationsdirector@gmail.com
To joint the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-staff


Chambana.net Tech
Description: Responsible for the tech and equipment needs of the Center, including the IMC website, computer networking and electronics, and the chambana.net server. This group needs people with experience in these areas or who are looking to learn.
Meetings: TBA
E-mail list: tech@ucimc.org
To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-tech


Description: Responsible for the design, content, moderation, and updating of the IMC website.  This group needs individuals with experience or interest in web editing and development.
Meetings: Monthly; day and time TBA.
E-mail list: IMC-Web@lists.chambana.net
To join the e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/imc-web


WRFU 104.5 FM
Description: WRFU-LP, 104.5 FM is an IMC-affliated and fiscally sponsored working group that operates a low-power public access community radio station located at the IMC. WRFU's programming features an eclectic mix of talk and music chosen by volunteer members of WRFU. Each radio show is run by a collective.
Meetings: Every 4th Tuesday in the Zine Room (UCIMC Basement).
Website: www.wrfu.net
E-mail list: rfu@lists.chambana.net
To join e-mail list: http://lists.chambana.net/cgi-bin/listinfo/rfu

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