Urbana joins Indymedia convergence in Africa during World Social Forum

Several Urbana IMC members are traveling to Narobi, Kenya this month to support an Indymedia convergence during the seventh annual World Social Forum which runs January 20-25th. Media activists from Africa and around the world will be reporting in the World Social Forum, providing hands-on media production workshops, building two low-power radio stations in Kenya, and creating solidarity across borders. The UC-IMC is trying to gather $1000 to support this Indymedia convergence. Your donation will help pay for needed radio & computer equipment, travel for African media activists, and set up costs for the media center (Note: Donations will not be used for travel expenses for UCIMC members). Please consider making a tax-deductible donation here. Donations of working computers - especially laptops - as well as hand-held tape recorders, cameras, video camcorders, or wireless access points, are also needed. Please contact chyn (at) ucimc.org to contribute. The World Social Forum is an annual gathering of participants in social movements for global justice, timed to coincide with the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum is a meeting of business and political leaders in Davos, Switzerland, which is converted into a military security zone during the meeting, making demonstrations and coverage by Independent Media nearly impossible. Participants at the World Economic Forum are overwhelming European or American and male; non-governmental organizations such as Friends of the Earth and Public Citizen have been excluded from meetings after raising concerns, and Greenpeace withdrew after finding the group uncooperative on issues such as climate change. The World Social Forum is held in the southern hemisphere each year and largely made up of participants in social movements in response to the poverty, inequality, war, sexism, and state suppression generated by policies pushed by participants of the World Economic Forum, the World Trade Organization, and other forces of global capital. Rallying around the call of "Another World Is Possible," the World Social Forum has placed social justice, gender equality, peace, and defense of the environment on the agenda of the world’s peoples. World Social Forums have collectively expanded the democratic spaces of those seeking concrete, progressive alternatives to imperialist globalization. Regional Social Forums meet throughout the year to support this work. Everyone is invited to the US Social Forum, June 27 through July 1, 2007 in Atlanta Georgia and the Midwest Social Forum. Our local School for Designing a Society will be traveling to the US Social Forum this year. Historically Indymedia has had a close relationship with the World Social Forum (WSF), as the Indymedia network of volunteer-run Independent Media Centers grew out of the same movement against neo-liberalism and for global justice that led to the WSF. The Indymedia network now includes over 170 Independent Media Centers on every continent but Antarctica. The Indymedia network has helped spread the world from the WSF from 2002 onwards, ensuring that an Independent Media Center is available at each WSF to allow diverse voices from the Forum to be heard. This World Social Forum IMC will be focused on not only on reporting on the WSF, but on skill-sharing and solidarity between Indymedia and global justice activists. There will be workshops on web distribution of stories, audio production, radio station building, print publishing, silk screening, and consensus based decision-making. Another goal is to consolidate the energy of local activists in Kenya to resume and energize the formation of a permanent IMC in Kenya. "Independent Media in Africa continues to be a challenge. While large parts of the populations in Africa still do not have access to democratic and independent media, they are lacking specifically access to more interactive media like the internet that enable not only to receive news but also to produce news globally. Local, private and pirate radio stations and even small-scale newspapers form a strong force of independent media in many African countries. Devoted media activists maintain them. The WSF gives a great opportunity to continue networking between these local activists as much as discuss chances and possibilities to increase the use of the internet for networking and eventually producing more African news for within and beyond Africa," says Fabian, one of the organizers on the ground in Narobi. Indymedia organizers are working to bring delegates from Kenya, Mauritius, Cameroon, South Africa, Uganda, Nigeria and Mali to the World Social Forum Indymedia Convergence. Watch www.ucimc.org and Kenya Indymedia as the stories unfold. Again, the UC-IMC is trying to gather $1000 to support this Indymedia convergence. Your donation will help pay for needed radio & computer equipment, travel for African media activists, and set up costs for the media center (Note: Donations will not be used for travel expenses for UCIMC members). Please consider making a tax-deductible donation here. Donations of working computers - especially laptops - as well as hand-held tape recorders, cameras, video camcorders, or wireless access points, are also needed. Please contact chyn (at) ucimc.org to contribute.

world social forum

Hi ! am Patrick,am trying to get contacts to build a network at the world social forum.we have a community radio(koch FM) here in Kenya,Nairobi in the slum area called korogocho.Also ,we have started a project called Ghetto film club dealing with audio visual. During the wsf we are organising nirht vigil and camping in korogocho.If you are comming ,we are proposing you contact us to put you in our program and in any case we can source you accomodetions. Patrick Shomba Koch FM contacts;pattyshobz@gmail.com phone ;+254 721 718 518 or +254 733 346 764

A South African touch

Hey thought that this link might be of interest to those following/attending the WSF later this month. I got this email from a fellow IMCsta/radio dude in South Africa. Hi all kindly recieve the report on proceeding @ 2006 SMI on the CCS website. www.ukzn.ac.za/ccs alternatively; cut n paste this page: http://www.nu.ac.za/ccs/default.asp?3,28,10,2809. Also check out latest updates in preparation for the WSF on the site.

Mumbai's whereabouts

Sorry to be nit picking but Mumbai's in the northern hemisphere. The WSF is not restricted to the southern hemisphere as the feature suggests

Community Radios join together to provide coverage of World Soci

Community Radios join together to provide coverage of World Social Forum - Jan 20-25, 2007 via email Montreal, January 17, 2007. The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, (AMARC) will cover, thanks to the Internet and its world network of community radios the social alternatives to neoliberal globalization discussed by civil society organisations in the 7th World Social Forum (WSF) to be held in Nairobi, Kenya, from January 20- 25. A delegation of more than 25 journalists from community radios in Africa, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, North America and Europe will cover the activities of the WSF in collaboration, among others, with Inter-Press Service (IPS) and Panos. The information agencies of AMARC, Pulsar in Latin America and Simbani in Africa, as well as Amisnet in Italy, and representatives of community radios form all the regions of AMARC will coordinate the broadcast in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and other languages. To learn more on the Internet broadcast and to listen to the podcasting of the broadcast, visit : . The schedule of the Internet broadcast will be. Please note the time is local time (Nairobi): [Nairobi is GMT +3hrs; or New York -8hrs] 09.00-11.00 News Bulletin followed by Asia Pacific Broadcast (English, Nepalese, Bahasa Indonesia, etc.) 11.00-13.00 News Bulletin followed by the African broadcast (English, French and others) 13.00-14.00 News Bulletin for the European broadcast ( Italian, Spaniesh, English, Spanish, etc.) 14.00-15.00 News Bulletin followed by the North America Broadcast (English, French, etc.) 15.00-17.00 News Bulletin followed by the Latin America and Caribbean Broadcast (Spanish, English, French, etc.) The World Associaition of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) has more than 3500 members in 110 countries and is at the service of the community radio movement worldwide. For further information visit : .

More News from WSF in Nairobi

Indymedia radio support for WSF 2007 from Kenya http://kenya.indymedia.org/news/2007/01/486_comment.php#502 https://publish.indymedia.org.uk/en/2007/01/360309.html WSF 2007 KENYA in international news Global Exchange http://www.globalexchange.org/tours/804.html Global Exchange invites you to join our delegation to the WSF for a chance to learn about Kenya and Africa through the eyes of its people, grassroots organizations, and from activists joining us from all around the world. Choike.org : a portal on Southern civil societies http://www.choike.org/nuevo_eng/informes/4601.html AMARC at WSF http://wsf.amarc.org/ The World Association of the Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) will take an active part in the 7th edition of the WSF with the organisation of five workshops and a radiobraodcast that will be aired on the internet. MS http://www.ms.dk/sw41603.asp MS - Danish Association for International Co-operation - is a Danish NGO working to promote understanding and solidarity between people and, by co-operating across national and cultural boundaries, to contribute to sustainable global development and a just distribution of the earth's resources. The East African Standard (Nairobi) http://allafrica.com/stories/200701190948.html While the official carrier, the Kenya Airways, reports full bookings to Nairobi over this period, the organisers of the World Social Forum (WSF) say many more people are streaming in by other airlines, road and even on foot. kenya times Preparations for World Social Forum in top gear http://www.timesnews.co.ke/12jan07/business/buns2.html WSF officials rue inequality, economic imbalance http://www.timesnews.co.ke/17jan07/business/buns1.html inter press service international http://www.ipsnews.net/news.asp?idnews=35874 WORLD SOCIAL FORUM-KENYA: A Race to Leave Informal Settlements Behind: 'Marathon for Basic Rights: Another World is Possible Even for Slum Dwellers'. trocaire http://www.trocaire.org/news/story.php?id=941 World Social Forum will open this weekend in Kenya KONGAMANO LA KIJAMII DUNIANI: Kuangalia Nyuma Kabla ya Mkutano wa Nairobi http://www.ipsinternational.org/africa/sw/nota.asp?idnews=1461 local dialect IRIN : UN office for the coordination of human rights http://www.irinnews.org/report.asp?ReportID=57083&SelectRegion=East_Africa World Social Forum descends on Kenya UNESCO De la Investigación a la Política y a la Acción, Nairobi, Kenia, 22-24 de enero 2007 http://portal.unesco.org/shs/es/ev.php-URL_ID=10496&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_... the black commentator : weekly internet mag for african americans http://www.blackcommentator.com/213/213_cover_wsf_2007_brewer_ed_bd.html Global summit in Kenya to focus on Africa's plight http://edition.cnn.com/2007/WORLD/africa/01/18/african.congress.reut/ind... Kenya: - The Sky is the Limit! http://www.kenyanewsnetwork.com/artman/publish/article_2224.shtml Pambazuka news : weekly forum for social justice in Africa News from Nairobi at WSF 2007 http://www.pambazuka.org/en/category/features/39302 http://www.pambazuka.org/en/category/features/39303 http://www.pambazuka.org/en/category/features/39278 Macharias journey: Kibera and a story of Hope an article about the work Nick Macharia is doing in the slum of Kibera : http://kenya.indymedia.org/news/2007/01/450_comment.php

Indymedia Activists Persevere Despite Difficulties

This is the latest news from Nairobi. The situation has been difficult, but Indymedia volunteers have persevered in order to facilitate building media infrastructure that will be left behind after the close of the WSF. ML via email WE ARE BACK ON THE AIR! ... RADIO HURU is broadcasting within the World Social Forum as a demonstration project, after being robbed at gunpoint two nights ago. Everyone is safe, but lots of equipment was stolen including a laptop from a French indymedia activist with a lot of data. Three indymedia women were told to lie on the floor while the robbers took what they could carry and then locked them in the studio. Luckily they were found within the half hour by a Kenya IMC member. The police responded to our report by asking us what we were doing so far up in the stadium where the World Social Forum is going on. We were provided with a press sky box in the stadium – two floors higher than most activities – to establish an independent media studio. The police never wrote a report, nor were they interested in looking at photos we took of the robbers who had visited us earlier in the day. Today we are back on air, broadcasting interviews we have collected from the surrounding slums of Nairobi – airing many of the voices that are not heard here at the World Social Forum, which, although affordable by some standards, is not affordable for those who are living in shacks made out of garbage with little or no source of income. 65 percent of Nairobi residents live in 5 percent of the land in slums with little to no infrastructure. About 20 African citizen-journalists – most of them producing audio for the first time – have created hours of interviews about the issues of housing, HIV/AIDS policies, gay and lesbian rights, human rights, youth issues, and the importance of independent media. We have nearly zero access to internet the entire time we have been here. Power outages, viruses, broken equipment, stolen equipment, and total internet unreliability both at the WSF, our home connection, and throughout Nairobi has set back our hopes to share the audio we have gathered in the immediate term. A few days ago, we were able to upload 1 or 2 MB files after many many hours of work. The kenya.indymedia.org website has not been accessible for days. Having started with 6 minidisc recorders, we are now down to 2. We hope to post all audio after some of our delegation return to a more reliable connection this weekend. So we have turned our focus way from the internet, producing a 5,000 piece newspaper on the WSF activities in English and Kiswahili. We are also focused on radio production, now broadcasting using a demonstration transmitter and antenna built by African Indymedia activists with the help of the Prometheus Radio Project. Central to the work of this Indymedia delegation has been establishing relationships and helping to link many groups within Nairobi. Koch FM, the first ghetto radio, is about to start broadcasting again from Korogocho, Kenya after being shut down by the Kenyan communications commission last June. They were broadcasting without a license on part of the spectrum not used by other radio stations. They have build a swank 3 room studio out of an shipping container – complete with audio production facilities and two studios. They are helping to DJ RadioHuru, our temporary station just three floors above me. Pro-Active Youth is working with a coalition of 20 organizations in Kangemi, Kenya, another slum to on the Northeast side. They are hoping to develop a radio station in Kangemi to empower youth, talk about the issues facing those in Kangemi, and speak a different picture of the slum – one full of creativity, talent, and hard work with no access and no chances. We travel next to Maseno University in Kisumu, Kenya to build another transmitter to establish a university radio station as an interface between their communications department and the community. Kenya Indymedia is greatly strengthened by this convergence and we hope to continue to build solidarity across borders for global justice and free speech. -Ida


Thanks people for the support now KochfM is on air and we are sure we shall keep true to the spirit of information without favour or fear making sure that the community is mobilized for change. The mainstream media has treated koch as a source of ridicule and all that is antisocail now its time to balance the reporting. To tell of the efforts of the community to reconstruct and give youths a new sense of pride in being agents of change. We are speaking, we have spoken now its time for you to listen KochfM taking over Oti Perth, Australia(Koch community in diaspora)

Non violence vs. fbi/police violent attacks






                 Stop violent police/fbi action with non-violence


As we all know no one is permitted to advocate violent methods to stop violent police oppression; failure to honor this concept results in death, torture  or imprisonment of the transgressor.


Now, on a related subject,  when a thug or assassin enters your home to rob, rape, torture or kill you or a member of your family, you may  say, ”please don’t  hurt  my family, take whatever you want, just please do not harm anyone”. These hopeless pleas are similarly made to cops/fbi,etc.


When the  fbi/police come banging into your home with their corrupt court papers, the men in blue who now parade about with the words ‘ICE’ on their uniforms  are ready to kill everyone in the house, to seize the children, to imprison the Target(s) or anyone who interferes, and to carry out the mandate of the prosecutors who live for the purpose of killing/imprisoning our people.


See Also cjis:



 Indeed, the serial killers of the so-called law enforcement community often show up as  *SWAT team members with masks covering their faces because they do not want to be  exposed as the hideous and homicidal animals that they are.


Sometimes the fbi/police thugs enter your home when you are not there, so that they can terrorize you, poison you, or otherwise suggest that you seek another and final exit from their persecution.


Nevermind that the police and the fbi make false statements under oath, enter false data on their records for entrapment



or for blackmail purposes, refuse to honestly record complaints from victims, and engage in vendettas (phony  sting operations)at the direction of their superior officers at the federal level.


 No one cares about such brutal conduct, except you the terrorized.




***In summary all of the ills that the police and fbi pretend to address are compounded ten fold in today’s society  because  the police and the fbi need more crime and more violence to justify their own sick jobs and the funding for same.



Thus, the reader is urged to allow the fbi/police to engage in their armed assaults, battery, burglary,torture, kidnapping, false imprisonment, murder at their will and with no resistance from the individual subject to fbi/police illegal action;

See corruption of the courts:



further  that the subjects of the police/fbi,etc., warrants or illegal raids  give up peacefully and submit to the assassins who will turn the subjects  over to the corrupt courts where even the known innocent ones will be executed with the approval of the governor.

See innocent man executed by governor because the governor says the accused is a "bad man":



****Each of us must now accept the atrocities committed against us by the fbi/cia/police,etc., because we have a mandate under threat of death to do so.




*   "To Chiefs Of Police and all law enforcement personnel in the USA:
Reign in your serial killer police, or I will do it for you."
Read more: http://newsbusters.org/forums/topic-discussion/fbi-cia-police-serial-killers-scoundrels-guarding-our-liberties-23824%20#ixzz1CY4SYhMD













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