UIUC Student Andrea Rosales Among Georgia 7 Arrested Protesting for Immigrant Rights

Andrea Rosales was brought to the United States at the age of 5. She is currently a 22 year old college senior and will be receiving her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Latino Studies this May. With graduation soon approaching, Andrea finds herself unable to use her degree to give back to the community that nurtured her. She is currently organizing for the empowerment of undocumented youth with the Immigrant Youth Justice League in Illinois. Tired of waiting for politicians to act, she believes the time has come to take action.

Andreas is among seven undocumented youth were arrested at Georgia State University! All seven are being taken to the Atlanta Detention Center. Please use the links below to help raise awareness, petition, and give $ to get them out on bail ASAP.


Just to make sure you all know how to help:


1. The first petition is here: http://action.dreamactivist.org/georgiaban/ - There will be more soon

 Another one is here: http://www.change.org/petitions/condemn-hb-59-dont-let-georgia-ban-immigrant-students


2. Funding to get her out on bail is here: http://www.thedreamiscoming.com/andrea/


3. Funding to get her back from Georgia to Illinois is here: http://andrea1david2.chipin.com/andrea-and-david-organizing-in-georgia


4. The main two websites with the main information - http://www.iyjl.org/ and http://www.thedreamiscoming.com/


5. Finally some major social media outlets with all the information - http://twitter.com/IYJL and http://twitter.com/#!/agrsierra

Georgia 7 Released on bail

The Georgia 7 were released from jail. ICE visited but did not detain them. Stay tune for more details. Also, according to the Georgia 7 and DreamActivist, Atlanta PD liked the chants and the Georgia 7 were still chanting away in jail. Refuse the Ban!

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