UC-IMC Hiring AmeriCorps Members To Serve Our Local Community

Applications now being accepted until Thursday, July 14, 2011 for three full time, and two part-time; one year AmeriCorps positions at the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center and partner organizations.

The UC-IMC AmeriCorps program works to support social and economic justice in Champaign County by placing members to serve the programs of the UC-IMC and its partners.  

•    Help educate and promote local resources available at the Independent Media Center --> Apply to be the Outreach, Volunteer, Membership Coordinator
•    Support education for prisoners! -->  Apply to be the Books to Prisoners Outreach Coordinator
•    Promote arts and cultural events! --> Apply to be the All-Ages Performance Venue Coordinator
•    Help the campus and community work together to tackle injustice!--> Apply to be the University YMCA Community Engagement Coordinator
•    Support high school students getting the resources they need to be self-sufficient! --> Apply to be the Housing Authority-Education to Work Coordinator
•    Help find volunteers to support youth recreations and activities.--> Apply to be the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club Volunteer Coordinator

To apply for any of these exciting positions go to: www.americorps.gov

Full-time AmeriCorps members receive a living allowance of $12,100; Half-time members receive a living allowance of $6,050, student-loan forbearance, health coverage, and child care for those who qualify. After successfully completing your term of service, you will receive an AmeriCorps Education Award of up to $5,550. Start date is tentatively set for August 01, 2011. You must commit to one full year of service.  All positions are based on funding availability.

Read complete benefits, job descriptions and how to apply for each positions http://americorps.gov

For general information on the program, please contact Carol Ammons, AmeriCorps Program Director at carolammons@gmail.com.


Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center will host AmeriCorps 2011-2012 Open House scheduled for July 8, 2011 from 3 - 5 p.m at 202 S. Broadway Avenue. Come learn about National Service and six AmeriCorps openings for the fall.



is there an up and coming Americorp at IMC for 2013? i am willing to help create it!
email me at camille.euritt@gmail.com

In It's Infinite Wisdom...

Congress decided that too many people have jobs in this country, so they defunded Americorps. Write your congresscritter and complain is all you can do at this point...until the next election.

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