UC-IMC General Membership Meeting, Oct. 9,

The Steering Committee has set the date and time of the annual General Membership Meeting (GMM) for Sunday, October 9 at 2:00 pm at the Independent Media Center.  All members are invited and encouraged to attend.
The General Membership Meeting is an important meeting because it provides the opportunity for current members to have a direct voice in several important decisions affecting the governance of the IMC for the upcoming year.  This year's agenda items include voting on proposed by-laws and structure document changes, electing new officers and directors to the Board, establishing annual membership dues, and hearing a brief overview of current IMC programs and activities.
More specific information regarding by-law and structure document proposals as well as officer and board member candidates will be posted to the IMC website as the GMM nears.  Please look for this upcoming information and review it carefully. 
The IMC membership is the IMC.  The GMM is the IMC's special effort to afford real democracy to all its members.  Consider attending and participating in your GMM.



Thanks to the folks who are working on revising the key documents.  In the structure revision, I saw the following:



Working Groups:


Participation is open to the public.

All Working Group participants are encouraged to become members of the UCIMC.

Empowered spokespeople must be UCIMC members.



Let me suggest that all Working Group members be required to be IMC members.  I can't think of a reason for an exception.


Al Kagan

Nominations for IMC Board

The following people have been nominated to the UCIMC board of directors. Indicated below are those we are still waiting on acceptance of nomination.

If bylaws changes are approved, all those who receive 2/3 of the total votes cast by IMC members at the meeting will serve for one year.

Danielle Chynoweth
Ricardo Diaz
Belden Fields
Candy Foster
David Green
Delores Henry
Durl Kruse
Martel Miller
Chris Ritzo
Ken Salo
Gary Storm
Larry Keller

In addition, the structure document changes, if accepted, will allow the board to place non-voting advisory members to the board. In case the structure document change is not approved, the following nominees who currently serve on our board are being added:

Sascha Meinrath
Bob McChesney (awaiting acceptance)


Those planning to cast their vote are required to be members of the IMC. You can become a member or renew your membership go here.

GMM agenda


Annual General Membership Meeting

2:00 p.m. – October 9, 2011


1.    Welcome

2.    Introductions

3.    Approval of Agenda

4.    By-Laws & Structure Document Revision Proposals
a.    Presentation – Gary Storm
b.    Discussion
c.    Vote

5.    Election of Board of Directors and Officers
a.    Introduction of Candidates & Candidate Comments
b.    Discussion
c.    Vote

6.    Establish and Approve Membership Dues for 2012

7.    Operations Manager Report – Carol Ammons

8.    Financial Report – Durl Kruse

9.    Adjourment

NOTE: Everyone is encouraged to arrive a few minutes early to allow time to address any possible membership questions.

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