Tues. March 13th - 4th Annual Share A Meal with Community Shares of Illinois

Now, feeding your own hunger can help feed the hungry, house the homeless and much more! On Tuesday, March 13th, Community Shares of Illinois invites you to pull up a chair at participating local restaurants for the 4th Annual Share-a-Meal with Community Shares event. All you need to do is spend an enjoyable evening with family and friends at one of these fine participating local restaurants: The Great Impasta, Café Luna, Milo’s, Kennedy’s, or the Camelot Room at the Historic Lincoln Hotel. Proceeds from this unique event will support dozens of local charities, including the UC-IMC, working to address hunger, health care, homelessness, domestic violence and other important community issues. For more information, including a complete list of participating restaurants and member charities, call 217-352-6533 or visit www.Share-a-meal.org. Make your reservation today to Share-A-Meal on Tuesday, March 13th. And remember—there’s a place at the table for you!


Thanks for posting this. The Share-a-Meal for UCIMC will be at Milo's, and I hope that many of us can express our appreciation.

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