Third Annual Unity March: This Is What Unity Looks Like

Third Annual Unity March: This Is What Unity Looks Like By Brian Dolinar On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, October 7, 2006, a colorful crowd of nearly 200 participants joined in the Third Annual Unity March. This year, we took the Unity March to the community. We went into the Garden Hills neighborhood, ground zero for the effects of racism and poverty in Champaign. The march started at Bradley and Prospect. From there we walked west to McKinley and north passing through the Dorsey apartments, where there are many individuals who receive Section 8 vouchers. These are the people that certain members the Champaign City Council would like to keep segregated. Champaign City Council member Ken Pirok recently attempted to repeal a city ordinance passed in March to prohibit landlords from discriminating against Section 8 recipients. This pro-discrimination policy was also supported by Vic McIntosh, the City Council representative from this neighborhood. The march also went past the cites of several tragedies that have struck this embattled community in the last year. The first was the block of Honeysuckle where police called out the S.W.A.T. team and an armored truck to deal with Carl “Dennis” Stewart, a suicidal black man with a gun. Pushed into a corner by police, Stewart allegedly put the gun to his head and killed himself. Next we walked down Hedge Road past the home of Quentin Larry who died over Memorial Day weekend in the Champaign County jail. Larry was one of five deaths that have occurred in the jail in the last two years. His mother came out to greet the crowd and there was a moment of silence for her son. Moving down Hedge Road, marchers chanted “This is what community looks like.” We walked past a burned and boarded up house at 1313 Hedge Road. On September 25, a 3 year-old boy named Demetrius Lenard, Jr. died in the fire. In a News-Gazette article, writer Mary Schenk was more concerned about the property damage and blamed the mother for her son’s loss, emphasizing there should have been an escape plan. Unity marchers again bowed their heads in a moment of silence and Carol Ammons placed a wreath of flowers in front of the home. The march ended in Thompson Park with a rally. Several politicians were in attendance and a voter registration table was set up. Members of the community who had joined in the march sat on the grass with their children or stood under trees for shade. Once again, the Unity March was a sign that people prefer community and togetherness over war and destruction.
Unity marchers cross the tracks

I'd love to post pictures, but....????

Am I missing something? I'd love to post images from the Unity March in response, but there doesn't seem to be any way to actually contribute to the whole MEDIA aspect. Any advice?

Answers Coming, Try Things Out

We're still working on documentation for the site for both admins and users. Definitely, everything about the site is based on user-definable parameters, so signing up for a user account will help, for starts. BTW, if you remain an anonymous user, I do know that all such users share one limit in terms of the uploads they can make. On the other hand, each indvidual user gets that full limit. I do know that users can set up image galleries. Then you can link to these images from an article or post. I am not sure this is possible without being a user. I suspect it is, but I'm still learning things here myself. It's definitely a different system than the old Dada-based site. I'm sure it will be a little frustrating at first, but ultimately it is a much better system.


thanks for the advice. I'll try to check out image galleries. but shouldn't people be able to post things anonymously? media too?

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FWIW, if you use the Publish! link on the toolbar at the top of the page, you get various options to publish. I'm not quite sure how to do it, but this should allow you to publish audio, video, and images here, then link to them. I'm a klutz at coding, even HTML, so maybe a very simple FAQ would be nice to explain this all. But the functionality is there, anonymous or not.

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I've added some more documentation on the "Create Content" page. And I remind everyone that this site went live only a little more than a hundred hours ago. There are still parts that haven't been fully tested or explained yet. @%<

Photos uploaded

There are some more photos up at

Great event!

Just wanted to say how wonderful and needed this event is, was, and I guess will be for some time. Somehow one passerby seemed to oppose something or other, real or imagined, as we started, enough to honk and give us thumbs down. (What could that have possibily been for? I'm afraid to guess.) But most others who saw us seemed more positive. Good work. I noticed Julia Rietz was absent this year - (surprise, surprise). But Naomi Jakobsson was there - and I wondered about that. I know she's running for office and all, like Rietz was when she showed - but I recently read in the election guide published by the UIUC Student Senate that she supports a "three strikes" law. Does she really think folks who attended the Unity march would think that was cool? To be fair, I should say I wrote her and asked about this and she hasn't written back. Her staff did fire me an email, though, asking where I got this info. I told them, and said I hoped it was an error. No answer. Hm. Maybe others want to ask her about it, too. Just a thought. Again, I think the march was well done and very worthwhile. Thanks for putting it together!


I understand Naomi also voted against medical marijuana. BD

Maybe because the bill has

Maybe because the bill has no real reason for existence? Medical marijuana is a sham. It minimizes nausea - so what?

This is getting far from the

This is getting far from the original topic, but nausea can be a big problem for those going through chemo - makes the ordeal even more unpleasant. If medical marijuana makes things more bearable, I'm in favor of it.

No need for medical marijuana

Wayward, there's a drug on the market called Marinol that contains the active ingredient of marijuana--it's for the relief of nausea. There is no need for medical marijuana.

Marinol Is Bad Medicine

Marinol is a very poor substitute for nausea relief compared to smoked or vaporized marijuana. Marinol has the problem in that the patient cannot "titrate" or adjust the dosage well. What this means is that you have to take the whole pill, which is extremely powerful. Some people find that it even increases their nausea, because it is so overpowering. That is if they are able to swallow the pill at all, which is obviously a problem for many patients seeking relief from nausea. By smoking, the patient is able to get just the level of relief needed and avoid the powerful side effects of Marinol. You can learn more at: There are several reasons why I'll be voting Green when it comes to the state rep race. Naomi's vote on MM is just one of them.

great job

Congratulations to all who participated in the Unity March this year. Our community needs more efforts like it. Does anyone know who the four people were who appeared in a small photo in the News-Gazette on Sunday's October 8 issue, representing the "coverage" of the Unity March? Did the News Gazette publish anything on the protest that happened in front of their offices that day as well?

Yeah, That Photo Was a Spin

I saw the photo of the ISO members. While I don't have any problems with them, it sure wasn't representative of the march -- but I suppose it did represent the News-Gazette's anxieties about those who have a problem with the system it supports. No, there was no coverage of the protest against John Foreman's sliming on Bob in the News-Gazette. I didn't expect any. BTW, there was no coverage of it here, either. Now, the new website is still a bit stiff and all, but we can always use more local news reporting here. But that's up to the community. Remember, you don't have the N-G's editorial board holding you back here. ;>)

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