Students Break Up University of Illinois Board of Trustees Meeting

With the current crisis in higher education, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees two-day meeting on Sept. 23-4, 2010 was a highly anticipated one. At the end of the second day during the period for public comment, Pine Lounge in the UIUC union was a full, with others spilling into an overflow room. Present among the crowd were many students from the Graduate Emplyees’ Union (GEO), MEChA, and Undergraduate-Graduate Alliance.

During public comment, several students got up to address the board. Carlos Rosa addressed the difficulty of working class black and Latino students getting into the University of Illinois with the growing costs of tuition. He referred to the recent figures that only 359 African American students were in this year’s freshmen class and said it was “utterly ridiculous.” He pointed out it was more than 40 years ago that Project 500 was launched to bring 500 freshmen students to UIUC, and yet today these numbers are not nearly being met. Carlos called for the recruitment of minority students “from Chicago, to Champaign, to Cairo.”

Ben Rothschild spoke next and questioned the privatization of the university. He talked about the incentive for corporations to pay a graduate student at $20,000 a year, rather than hire a professional with a $75,000 salary. “Costs are being socialized,” he said, “and the profits are being privatized.” He also criticized former President B. Joseph White who stepped down after the “cloutgate” scandal and is now teaching in the Business Department. Ben asked, “Why is President White being paid $100,000 to teach a class on Business Ethics?”

Peter Campbell of the GEO cited Southern Illinois University President Glenn Pochard who has instituted a tuition freeze. Campbell asked the board if they would consider a similar freeze on tuition. Board of Trustees Chair Christopher G. Kennedy said, “There is a tradition of public comment, not of question and answer.” Peter replied that he had read the BOT documents permitting appropriate time for responses. Kennedy did not answer Peter’s question.

Stephanie Seawell, GEO co-president, was the last to address the board. She spoke about the growing burden on her own students she had spoken to as a graduate instructor. She asked the board if they would allow for a future presentation on the impact of tuition hikes on minorities at UIUC. Again, none of the board members responded.

Chair Kennedy said he was at the student senate the previous night and had spoken with students. Before he could finish explaining himself, Ben Rothschild yelled out, “Are you going to answer the questions?” Kennedy stammered. Ben began chanting “Whose University?” Other students in the room shouted back, “Our University!”

Students then got up out of their seats, stood in front of the board, put on t-shirts that spelled out “TUITION FREEZE,” and tied white handkerchiefs around their mouths. The board meeting was effectively over.

The board voted earlier on a request to give Emeritus status to controversial professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Bill Ayers. Chair Kennedy made a speech stating that he was voting to deny Emeritus status, claiming he was not making his decision based on issues of academic freedom, but because Ayers had dedicated one of his books to the man who killed his father, Robert Kennedy. Ayers had dedicated his 1974 book Prairie Fire to the more than 100 political prisoners in the United States, including Sirhan Sirhan, who had shot Kennedy.

At noon, the Campus Labor Coalition staged a rally attended by approximately 100 people on the quad.



"only 359 African American students were in this year’s freshmen class"


I'm a Latino and consider myself at least moderately aware of racial issues, and I still find this low number shocking.

What 359 means.

To put that 359 number into further context:

Illinois enrolled 6,991 new freshmen in 2009. 359/6991 gives us 5.14%

In 2009, according to Census Bureau estimates, the Black population in Illinois was 14.9% of the total.

5.14%. 14.9%.

Assuming similar percentages for the college age population, you're more than three times as likely to go to the U of I if you are not African American than if you are.

Something's wrong somewhere in the system - probably several somethings.


Cairo, Illinois is one of the southernmost majority-minority towns in the State of Illinois.,_Illinois

Give me a break

Someone ripped the DI for not printing the full story. The meeting was not forcefully ended, everyone had commented, and they asked if there was any more business and there wasn't, and they started chanting so give me a break. Two this article focus on the exciting parts, it doesn't mention any about the proceedings.



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Those sepia images of native American peoples, that performed in any number of ’Wild West Shows’, retain a disturbing resonance today. Forced through oppression and conquest to scratch a living by displaying their horsemanship or ritual dancing to the beery applause of the very people who had stolen and eroded their lands and culture. The photographic archive of those times reveals, not only the dark stain upon the history of the United States, but graphically exposes the cynical and exploitative nature of colonization and arrogant imperialism of the dominant power.

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The cultural genocide that is being waged against Tibet has been accelerated to dangerous levels of intensity with the construction of the railway from so-called Qinghai (actually annexed Tibetan region of Amdo and parts of Kham) to Lhasa. Since its opening in 2006 it’s presence has permitted and encouraged a massive increase of Chinese tourists and migrants to the Tibetan capital, 4.38 million up to 2010, according to official Chinese sources. Foreign tourists boarding the train will not realize that the railway serves too as an economic and security artery maintaining China’s despotic military grip over the region. It is not so well known that the rail line’s communication system itself is part of China’s surveillance and intelligence network, called Golden Shield, which monitors and processes information on untold millions. Nor are the some 12, 000 tourists and colonizers brought each day to Lhasa normally aware of the military posts which line the rail route, another strategic reason for the line’s creation.

“The train we rode had a capacity for 885 passengers and was about 85 percent full. The Chinese run eight trains in and eight trains out of Tibet daily which means that 12,000 riders come and go each day. My husband and I guessed, by observation of all cars, that our train carried about 90 percent Han Chinese, perhaps 5 percent ‘long noses‘ (Europeans) and the remainder Tibetans.” (Testimony of Linda Thom foreign tourist in occupied Tibet 2007)

Tourism is a major component of China’s effort to further exploit and undermine Tibetan national identity and culture, it benefits virtually entirely the colonizers, marginalizing even further Tibetans. It insidiously promotes China’s propaganda and seeks to legitimise its baseless claim over Tibet by manipulating tourists and presenting distorted images of Tibet’s culture. Visitors to occupied Tibet should in no way consider they have witnessed the real Tibet, instead they are exposed to a cynically constructed and ersatz distortion of Tibetan culture, while the genuine traditions of Tibet are suppressed and eroded. Rather than becoming willing collaborators in that odious process those contemplating a vacation to occupied Tibet should ask themselves if they wish to stand in solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet, who resist the assault upon their culture and denial of national freedom, or endorse and support China’s occupying regime by sustaining and encouraging the colonization of Tibet.

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