State worker and whistle blower (Myself) is forced on mandatory disability leave by Julia Hamos. The state then refused to fill out the disability papers I need to collect disability. I cannot collect unemployment as I am on unpaid leave

After blowing the whistle on discrimination at health and family services I have been forced on a mandatory disability leave without any option to fight it.
I cannot collect unemployment, nor did the State Psychiatrist who evaluated my OCD fill out my disability forms. Mrs Hamos signed my forced leave and did not provide any administrative pay. I have nothing now. No options. My family was stabbed in the back by Afscme who both promised paid administrative leave during the process and by steering our family towards a second opinion from a psychiatrist who clearly had an agenda other than evaluating me fairly. In the meeting on monday we were told by this psychiatrist something like I had angered powerful people with my attitude problem. Though he acknowledge there was likely discrimination taking place.

Mrs Hamos, The Governer and her EEO officer Derick Davis have dragged their feet in the discrimination investigation. Only after constant pleading did the EEO officer interview a witness that could testify on my behalf that the creative training methods used by management were directly reducing our prediction. Testimony that was included in the psychiatric evaluation. It took weeks for him to interview the witness! Clearly they are waiting for all potential witnesses to become too frightened to come forward.

I had no progressive discipline and no complaints until I blew the whistle. I am out of work and I cannot collect unemployment (because I am on leave) nor can I collect disability (as apparently the doctor for the state would rather force me on medical leave but not have the rather untidy duty of filling out the disability forms.) The union is clearly not helping because management is in the union now.

Rather than just nudge me out the door for my whistle blowing, Director Hamos, Governer Quin and Afscme have decided to crush me by leaving me no way to collect unemployment unless I want to acknowledge their doctorsx

This document reviewed by a psychiatrist who checked sport scores during the evaluation and said that he told his staff to expect a jerk (in front of my parents) after reading my emails (most of which were reporting unethical behavior by management to the state EEO officer.)

Just wanted you to know the reason why the state is broke is not the state employees.

Clearly Governer Quin and Julia Hamos are attempting to encourage lawsuits and problems between management in order to further justify further privatization of state jobs. The states EEO officer was forced in the past to find that a hostile work environment existed in the past in this same building, only after five peers provided written statements. Despite clearly suspicious timing Director Julia Hamos is clearly acting out of spite as she refuses to further investigate any of evidence that I provided Mr. Davis.

Mr Quin has no reason to see a fair work place as it does not agree with his agenda.

I went from a 50,000 year job to nothing, for reporting discrimination in a building that has an unusually high amount of such complaints. Just ask the states EEO officer under Mrs. Hamos, Derick Davis. A simple freedom of information act request could confirm that. While your at it, find out how much overtime was paid. Minorities and non-friends of management only saw a tiny portion of that overtime.

The states justification for concluding that I am unfit for duty was a reasonable accommodation I requested for my OCD that managers provide criticisms of my specific criticisms work in writing.

That's it! This accommodation was never made and managers slandered me by lying to the state psychiatrist. Their are things in that report that are completely untrue.

My conscience is clean, I did the right thing despite the risks and I lost everything. Stupid, maybe...

Stand Up Illinois!

Take your state back!

The cronyism has gone way too far!!!! And good people are getting hurt by it!!!!

William Kubaitis

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