Stand With Calvin Miller! Tuesday night at Champaign City Council

Come tell your stories and show support
Tuesday, Nov 1 at 6:30 pm
Champaign City Council meeting
Champaign City Hall - at University and Neil St.

Last Monday Calvin Miller, age 18, was beaten by police while in handcuffs. His crime? Running to the safety of his mother's house, pursued by police he feared  would kill him.

Two years earlier, Champaign police killed 14 year old Kiwane Carrington in broad daylight as he was trying to get into his home. Afterward, Calvin asked the question that was on the minds of many youth: "Dad, are they gonna kill me?" "No," said his father, Martel Miller, "Just do what the police tell you to." "But they killed Kiwane," Calvin responded.

After Kiwane was killed, hundreds of concerned citizens gathered and spoke out, many telling stories of police abuse. They had been racially profiled, stopped without cause, frisked, their information put into a database to track them. Some were called derogatory names, pepper sprayed, beaten. And witnesses who tried to stop the violence received the same.

Last week, Police Chief Finney told the press: "if you run from the police ... it’s going to have some dire consequences." It was Finney who pulled a gun on an unarmed child in broad daylight escalating into the tragedy of a young life lost.

This is the legacy of the Champaign Police Department - a legacy that is allowed to continue under the watch of an elected city council.

CU Citizens for Peace and Justice is asking people to come out and tell their stories of encounters with the police this Tuesday, Nov 1, at the City Council meeting in Champaign.  Come at 6:30pm to speak and show your support.

Ad Hominem Arguments aside

"If it really is true that being pulled over by an officer of the law triggers paranoid delusions in Calvin Miller that cause him to act uncontrollably, he should not be driving a car."

The IDOT traffic studies on local racial profiling for the last six years, the increased violence the CPD is deploying, ala Kiwane Carrington, would prevent a psychiatrist from diagnosing Mr. Miller as having paranoid delusions.
Blacks have to sometimes wonder, however, if they should be driving a car in this community. It is no longer safe to do so because some members of law enforcement are seeing to that.


questions it sounds like the CPD is having small town policing issues in a growing college city? is there a lot of family members on the PD how many tenture patrol officer over ten years are there that have not had any training out of the department or who have worked the same shift forever? the old saying you lead from the ground up is true people! Changing Police Chiefs or Commanders who come from out of the area will not fix issues in the feild with officers who refuse change! you have to restructure and weed out its sounds harsh but restructure is good! Just Saying

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