Senator Frerichs a Key Vote on Tamms Closure: Which Way Will He Go?

On Tuesday, May 1, the International Workers' Day, the Illinois Legislature's Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability will vote on whether or not to close Tamms, the supermax prison in southern Illinois. Our local Senator Michael Frerichs who will have a vote in that session has yet to declare himself on the issue.

For any person who supports even basic freedoms, this is not a fence-sitting issue. Tamms is a prison where people are held in cells 23 hours a day, only let out to shower and exercise alone. They are denied any direct contact with other human beings. Both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have condemned "human rights violations" at the prison. Besides being a blight on the political reputation of Illinois, Tamms is also an enormous drain on state finances, costing roughly $90,000 a year to hold an individual in its confines. Senator Frerichs needs a few gentle nudges to convince him to do the right thing. Please email him or phone him email: (there is a form there) Phone 217 355 5252

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