Profile of Katy Vizdal and Other AmeriCorps at Smile Politely

Profile of Katy Vizdal of the shows group and other AmeriCorps volunteers at Smile

Thanks to Joel Gillespie for the stories.



Dismal Waste of Time.........

November 10, 2009, 7pm channel 5 public access channel ------ What is this?  Oh, it's the Champaign City Council doing what they do best - NOTHING as it relates to the concerns and interest of the African American community and the poor!  CLICK -- that's the disenfranchised tuning out on any further rhetoric from that governing body! 

What's next?  Sending the champaign city government a clear message in their language that the Black community does count and ignoring our concerns is not necessarily in the best interest of this city!

Fired UP Ready TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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