Officer Norbits Suspended 30 Days for Killing of Kiwane Carrington

Champaign City Manager announced that Officer Daniel Norbits, who shot and killed Kiwane Carrington, has been suspended for 30 days. This is the maximum suspension that can be enforced according to the police union contract. The justification was that Norbits "failed to maintain control of his weapon." The Illinois Fraternal Order of Police promptly responded, saying that Norbits was now the "victim" in the case.

See the attached pdf for the full reports.


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if Norbits had a taser your 

if Norbits had a taser your  boy carrington would be alive today!!!!!!

Great news.

The civil suit's now a walkover.

Hope Champaign's ready to write a big ol' check from the Officer Ooops Fund.

Seems like a fitting

Seems like a fitting punishment for murder.

If norbitz had a taser, half

If norbitz had a taser, half the black teens in champaign would have burn marks on their skins.

Really?  He has a baton and

Really?  He has a baton and spray.  How many kids have bruises?  How many have watery eyes from OC that he has caused?

Then he doesn't need a taser, does he?

If he already has a baton and pepper spray, then why would he need a taser? Why didn't he point the pepper spray can at the kid instead? Apparently, the Champaign police prefer to point guns at people in this kind of situation.

My guess?  Is because the

My guess?  Is because the first officer there is yelling  "stop or Ill shoot"  So you want to bring a baton or OC spray to a gun fight?


I would not.  Your a braver person that I am.  Thank you for being so brave.

Finney's F-up

That's cute, but once again ignores the facts, rather than seeks the truth.

Finney should have been waiting for back-up, presuming there was any substance to the initial report that brought the police to the scene of the killing. Being in plainclothes, he only had a hammer and those black kids just looked like nails. The chief chose to escalate the situation because he was un-equipped (and perhaps himself poorly trained), even if that was the wrong chice, by drawing his gun.

Besides, the public has heard only heard from the police on this. And even they don't agree. Finney's statement did NOT confirm that he said what Norbits claimed he heard, "Stop or I'll shoot."  So you have a insufficient premise to claim that Norbits had that as a reason to have his gun out. And none of this looks at the culpability of Chief Finney for his failure to follow policy.

Besides, when it's just the cops who have their weapons pulled, it's not a "gunfight". Once again, the FOP twists the story into something it's not and never was.

the next part

It's going to be interesting to see what Jeshaun Manning-Carter has to say now that Rietz has taken off the muzzle just in time not to affect the internal investigation.

Looking forward to it.

Of course, because he's just a black kid who wasn't raised right, I'm sure there are a lot of people prepared to ignore every word of it and attack his character.


Mr. Carter HAS CHOSEN NOT TO SPEAK TO THE POLICE>   THE OTHER GUY IS DEAD>  who is suppose to be testifying now?  Your an "expert" in this.  Since Finney was not in uniform, can he then not stop an armed robbery in progress?  A shooting in progress?  Does he have to wait for  backup in all circumstances?  If my wife is being attacked, I hope who ever has a gun and a badge  ( Illinois being a non conceal carry state) shows up and handles the situation.

Lucky You

Really, hoping Finney will show up, when he's not really needed?

I guess you're lucky it wasn't your wife and kid, locked out of the house, who were there when the Keystone Kops showed up that day.

BTW, just in case you've already forgotten, there was no armed robbery in progress and the only "shooting in progress" involved Norbits being reckless with his gun -- or just fumbling with his gun, if you'd prefer.

And is it really CPD policy to rush into a situation by yourself that MIGHT involve as many as 3 suspects before backup arrives? Especially if you're in your civvies? I think you need to revisit that policy also. Or was the chief just being a damn fool that day and since he's the boss, he gets the slack?

You might want to review the

You might want to review the Supreme Court decision that state that police officers should be judged with what they knew at the time, rather than through 20 20 hindsite.


What did they know?  Burglary in progress.  Time that they had to diffuse the situation?  8 seconds before the round was fired.   Most of that time was spent fighting off the kids who attacked them.


Reality is a bitch isnt it.


the captcha for this posting is "for burglers"  how ironic.

Reality Is That It Was Wrong

So regular citizens are charged with having perfect knowledge of police oprating around them?

And officers basically can just have their minds on coffee break, or that new movie, or just "It's a black kid, I know how to deal with him" commit all sorts of stupid errors, kill someone, supposedly without realizing what you're doing while waving your weapon around, and then complain that you should be considered the "victim"?

Comments like yours demonstrate that some obviously are ready to do away with any standards for those involved in law enforcement -- if it makes things like this go away legally.

Yes, some kid is dead. His mistake did not deserve the death penalty because some twit can't be bothered to do his job without a normal expactation of competency. You need to concentrate your efforts on keeping it from happening again, rather than making excuses for it. What is extra pathetic is this death didn't occur in a vacuum. Too many people end up dead at the hands of CPD who don't present a threat to officers except for the fact that the officers chose to continue escalating incidents where more professionalism could have a different result.

It appears that you have all

It appears that you have all the answers.  Please, please bless our community by taking out an application to be a Champaign Police Officer.  The community wants/deserves your knowledge, professionalism and skills that the CPD obviously lack.  Hey, I know maybe you could be a trainer or even Chief, yeah, that would be just what Champaign needs.  Don't wait smart guy run right down and show them how it is done.... or is bitching the only skill you possess.  

It's always fun when the

It's always fun when the thugs from CPD chime in. They are easily identified by their mangled contractions, improper punctuation, and combative, self-righteous tone.

measure of success

Chances are that four out of five of the people on the street could, given the same training, do the job without the City of Champaign having to write out "oops, sorry you're dead" settlement checks so often. Norbits' first "oops, sorry you're dead" check was $185,000. The second one will be millions.

In what possible perspective is someone whose incompetence causes the city to write out a settlement check for more than he'll be paid in his entire career not an absolute fuck-up? Is the motto "To Protect and Serve, Except for the Ones We Didn't Really Have to Shoot but Did Anyway"?

Again the reality is, "four

Again the reality is, "four out of five of the people" WILL not do the job of the police. So that's out of the equation.  In fact, given the opportunity they will not even do the job that the police should never even be called for.  The problem is that neighborhoods and families who rely on the government to solve all their problems big and small get what they deserve, a government response.  If you don't like it, do it yourself then you won't have to call the police who you say don't "Protect and Serve" (which by the way is not their motto).  Don't call the police when your eight year old will not mind you, don't call if you are too afraid of telling your neighbor to turn down the music, and if you really don't like the police don't call when the shooting between the gangs occur in your front yard.  When crime occurs, and it does occur often in these neighborhoods, it isn't the police that are getting hurt.  Making it hard on the cops only makes it easier on the criminals and you get to decide how you live.  BTW, laugh all you want over the settlement money it's my tax money that is being used.  Probably not yours since you live in Urbana, so I don't think it's funny.  

Secondly, I wish the cops would move to Champaign as well.  I would love to have them live around me.  I bet there would be more arrests and more complaining by this group.

Response to police troll

Huh? Stop or I'll shoot? What kind of silly comment is that? The kids didn't attack the cops. Instead, the cops attacked the kids after they refused to get down on the ground. The kids had no motive to attack the cops when they appeared on the scene, and every motive NOT to attack them because the cops arrived with "guns pointed." Therefore, the allegation that the kids attacked first is obviously untrue.

Gun fight? This is another silly comment. The kids were unarmed, therefore no "gun fight" occurred. Instead one of them was shot and killed by a cop for no good reason. Your "gun fight" is nothing but pure fantasy.


what a loser

just look at the guy

That photo was taken moments

That photo was taken moments after the shooting.  How was he suppose to look?  Smiling?  Then you would be calling him a stone cold killer.  Your a fool.

I think you meant to type,

I think you meant to type, "You're a fool."

Contractions are hard for cops to master, so I forgive you.

Help Wanted: City manager for

Help Wanted:

City manager for cesspool in central illinois. Testicles not required.

just look at the guy...

You're right. You can tell all you need to know about a person at a glance. They need your help in AZ....

I can not wait until next

I can not wait until next Spring.  If  he wins his grievance, you guys are gonna have a cow.  If he loses, you all will still have a cow when there is a fund raiser for him, and he is given donations to cover his monetary losses.

no cow there

If Norbits has to pay up a civil settlement -- and it's pretty darn certain he will -- and he gets his friends to pony up, well then, what a great way to spread the financial pain through the CPD.


Nice try.   The money would

Nice try.


The money would go for lost wages.   Insurance covers the rest.  I can put you down as a donor?


So the boss is being unfair to Norbits? Gimme a break...No cancel that, we don't need any encouragement of more police violence.

Whether or not Norbits "wins" his grievance and goes back on the street without his 30 days off, I'm one of many Champaign citizens who would like to ask whether it might just be a wiser use of resources to pay this guy off before he's involved in something else that is going to cost Champaign a LOT of money? That's going to happen regardless of whether Norbits "wins" his grievance.

Quote a figure?  He can get a

Quote a figure?  He can get a 500k bailout and walk?  Is that what your saying, plus have the City pay into his pension so he gets his full pension at age 50?   When do you guys start the fundraising for that?

Us versus them or them versus us...

I know that the Carrington family was/is devastated by the death of Kiwane, especially to have been killed by someone who is charged with securing him and protecting the community in which we all live, most of us.

I logically conclude that officer Norbits is either a disturbed cop that fully intended to kill Kiwane and thus needs mental help, or he did "accidentally" shoot and kill Kiwane Carrington. Either way he and his family are hurting as well.

My prayers and thoughts are for both families and the community but I know prayer means work not just wishing upon a cloud, sending a quiet mental message,or a verbal one really loud! That work is often painful but productive.

So, here we are, two hurting families and the communities that support them, belittling and viciously attacking one another instead of seeking what is in the best interest of everyone involved. Peace and Justice.

Peace comes when we all can be truthful and understanding.
Justice is when we admit our errors, submit to due process, learn from our mistakes and make amends for our transgressions.

For the sake of clarity, our initiatives were not to include everyone in Champaign because everyone in Champaign is not renegotiating their contracts. This is specific to the CPD because they are in negotiations.

Furthermore, it is the duty of Citizens to make legitimate constitutional propositions to their governing bodies to be considered for implementation. There should be dialogue around those proposals so that everyone's health, interests, rights and needs are considered. As Citizens, we made proposals based upon what we felt was good for the entire community, not just a select few and we offered our reasons why.

There is nothing anti-bus driver about asking bus drivers to submit to random drug testing and the formalities of cost are obstacles that must be overcome for the safety and security of everyone involved.

There is nothing anti-Mayor for asking that the Mayor live in the city he/she governs, so why is it anti-police to ask the same of the officers that patrol our streets.

There is nothing anti-police about asking that the public be able to access complaints or compliments made about our officers. It is a means of checks and balances, similar to a politicians voting record. It doesn't necessarily mean that he/she is removed, but the information is available for the Citizens to make an informed decision about whether or not they will offer their public support/approval to that individual.

Because our organization takes on a very unpopular role, to challenge the status qou, doesn't mean we are anti-....Could it just mean that we see some inequities that we feel should be addressed?

Remember, we are not discussing whether or not we should have police officers, we are discussing the means by which to assess the conduct of officers because they have so much authority/power within the community. Anti-police would be a statement one could make if we were discussing communities or societies with or without police presence. Two completely different discussions.

Actually all contracts will

Actually all contracts will be renegotiated after CPD finishes theirs.  Will it be your request then that all firefighters, public works, library staff, neighborhood services, parking enforcement, and all other departments within the City abide by the same residency requirements?  If so, then should this not include all teachers, doctors, judges, attorneys, sanitation workers, and others that serve the citizens of a particular city?

please stay on topic

I am aware that at some point other contracts WILL come up for renegotiations.  Our proposal is focused on CPD, therefore, connecting any other contracts is off topic.  Is there a time for a discussion about all city employees, sure.  You seem to be well informed, what city employees are required to work within city limits now?

Aslo, can I conclude from your remarks that you are more open to the ideas of drug testing and the documentation of compliments and complaints?

When do FF move into the

When do FF move into the City, or hell even in this area code? Since at least one FF lives NORTH of Chicago.


Remember, you have State law that says that Officers do not have to give up residency.  Maybe Pat Quinn can make that a campaign promise.


I am sure that your aware that this entire incident lasted 8 seconds.    So much for the idea that he was out to murder the kid that day.  It was his first call out of the station.


But continue with your ranting.  I do enjoy it.

More Stupid Shit

"I am sure that your aware that this entire incident lasted 8 seconds. So much for the idea that he was out to murder the kid that day. It was his first call out of the station."

And you argue that it's the kid's fault when he didn't react fast enough to Officer TriggerHappy's commands?

That level of professional myopia might be at the root of the problem here.



Seems that the City of Chicago has given up residency for its officers.

Reading comprehension problem?

The article was about Philadelphia, not Chicago.


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