Occupy217 website

An ad-hoc UCIMC group has just put up a local site for posting OCCUPY info & events for Champaign, Urbana, Central Illinois :



Seeking others interested in co-organizing!



lets pull together

For those who want to be more involved in the Occupy Together movement, I would suggest the following:
Let us focus our energy on the National Days of Action Unity March.

We will meet at the WEFT radio studio at 11:30 am, 113 N Market, in Champaign. We will rally and march to Chase Bank, where we will demand our $97 billion back.

Immediately following that, we should have a meeting at a downtown Champaign location (restaurant or public library) to get our forces organized for the daily rallies, other future Occupy events, and the October 15 global day of action.

Working together we can turn out a great event.
But I think we need to meet, sit down, and come up with a strategy.




We definitely need to get all the ducks in a row so to speak. There's the facebook page http://faccebook.com/OccupyChampaignUrbana a website http://occupycu.org we need to make sure everything is working together, it seems like the online infra structure is being laid out we just need to make sure it all stays cohecieve.


Flyer and Lit. ....

OK guys, forward widely -- make copies of the attached -- and post hand out, etc... here they are:


demo-flyer.pdf (81/2x11, one sided. for posting)

handbill.pdf (81/2x11, two-sided, cut in half hand out)

Morgan.pdf (81/2x11 one-sided. The Chase info hand out)

Demands.pdf (Legal sized, two-sided, fold in half. The demands of #Occupy Wall St. General Assembly hand out)

Download, print out, copy .... and go nuts!!



Should we expect a General

Should we expect a General Assembly and the People's Mic to be in operation at the occupation of West Side Park on October 15? Or will there mostly be scheduled speakers and electric amplification?

Follow Oct 15 rally with occupation of quad

After the Oct 15 rally, what about heading over to the quad to occupy it with signs, general assembly, instruments, drums, and outreach to pedestrians. Anyone up for that? It should be discussed at the meetings. Of course not everyone should be required to attend the occupation, but those who would like to do so should be informed that it will be happening so they can make the decision for themselves.

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