Move to Amend Votes in Urbana and Champaign

On Tuesday, April 10 the Champaign and Urbana (Cunningham) Township meetings will have on their agendas two items to be voted on by all registered voters in attendance.

One item calls for an item to be added to the November ballot which urges representatives, from the local to national level, to endorse an Amendment which declares corporations do not have the same rights as people and states that legislation should be pursued which challenges the Citizens United Supreme Court decision by re-enacting curbs on corporate spending in elections.

Another adds to the November ballot a measure which challenges corporate enclosure of the commons by establishing laws in Champaign/Urbana which allow non-disruptive forms of free speech in areas where private business can currently prohibit it, such as private parking lots and malls.

If you are registered to vote in Champaign - Vote on these issues at the Champaign City Building, 102 N. Neil St., on April 10 at 7pm and share the event with friends by visiting

If you are registered to vote in Urbana - Vote on these issues at the Urbana Civic Center, 108 E. Water St., on April 10 at 6pm and share the event with friends by visiting

If you are not registered to vote, or do not live in Champaign or Urbana, you can support these causes - Express your support for these issues and share the event with friends by visiting

The Truth to help your cause

Let us all begin with thé year of 1819 and Supreme Court Justice John Marshal in an opinion of thé court case of Woodward vs Dartmouth. This opinion is ignore today that thé présent day Justices that are very aware of my Qui Tam that is also thanks to thé team whom works with Ezra Folson of Interpol from Lyon France was files quietly in December in thé Netherlands in thé Hague (world court,2006).

Now for thé remainder of thé message that will open so much more information regarding thé true law of our Constitution that was violated by thé illégal U.S.A. Patriot Act in 2001.

I would like to let you all know that like Occupy Wall Street that so much more can be done to create true justice and democracy for We the People World-wide!!!!

Just make signs and have them everywhere to be read that will produce Civil Rights in America to again come alive like it was in the 1960's.

The sign should say Google:Civil Rights for We the People supported by Dennis Kucinich,Ron Paul,Al Gore,Cynthia Ann McKinney and Bootstraps Fisher!!!!!!

Remember that those in power who want to cover-up the truth will try to stop the spreading of the absolute truth yet they will fail, look at the success of the Arab Spring to begin with.

Make this message viral please world-wide!!!!!!!!

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