JOBS: The Real Crisis and What We Can Do About It

Unlike the phony debt crisis, the jobs crisis is real.  It did not just happen, either, but results from very specific policies over many years.  Unemployment and underemployment are much higher than the official unemployment rate, simply because so many categories of people are not counted: students, workers who are laid off after a short time on a new job, workers who are laid off seasonally or from time to time, the long-term jobless, people who have never had a job, people who are barely employed at just a few hours a week, etc. 

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Meanwhile government policies and corporate power export and otherwise destroy good paying jobs only to create mostly low wage jobs with little or no benefits.  Far from helping, the public sector is actually making matters worse by laying off even more workers, reducing hours and cutting pay and benefits right along with the private sector.  


The good news is all these policies can be reversed, not easily, but it can be done if we pitch in and work to make it happen.



September 24, 2011



JOBS: The Real Crisis and What We Can Do About It


A panel discussion followed by audience comments, questions, & discussion


Urbana Free Library Auditorium




Sponsored by Central Illinois Jobs with Justice







Agenda / public pdf?

Curious, is there a posted agenda or an online presentation we can view prior to the event?

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