Illinois Inquiry Board Complaint Packet (Reposting after 925 reads)

If anyone is interested in having an Illinois Judiciary Inquiry Board Complaint Packet sent to them via email, please contact me at I would be very happy to send the packet to you. Most people don't know that there is such a board to report judges for censure, removal, reprimand and etc. When you do report a judge, it is best to make multiple reports of seperate incidences at the same time so that the Inquiry Board knows for sure that a problem exists. Send the complaints in bulk and registered with the USPS. You can also contact the Illinois Judiciary Inquiry Board at or call Chicago at (312)814-5554. I hope this helps us all in the long run. Remember, in the meantime, you can always vote for other people and congregate at the same place after voting to let others know who you voted for. For example, you can network with others to meet at a designated place who vote for ____________________ (insert person's name here). Here is an example of what you can tell one another: If you voted for _______________ meet us at ____________________________ after you have voted. We wll be there well until after the polls close. Remember all voting laws when posting flyers with the above information and do not congregate on a sidewalk.


Keep the Faith and the Ball Rolling,


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