Establishing a Baseline of Denigration

During the current presidential election cycle we have seen the field of challengers to the incumbent become whittled down. The many challengers have fallen due to the two most common reasons for such occurrences a) scandal or b) lack of sufficient enthusiasm in their candidacy. Either way there is always an establishment favorite, even in the general elections for presidency. It's part of the reason money controls and is allowed to control the voting process as opposed to making things fair financially. If you ain't got the billionaires behind you – fuhgettaboutit.


In order for the establishment to get things to go the way they want, they must ensure we cast votes the way they want and after each election we are sufficiently convinced the outcome was plausible, or at least that we don't complain too much about the election itself. If everybody was overwhelmingly in favor of one person and suddenly the other wins, there could be trouble in the streets. Partly the status quo remains as it has in our country by the upper establishment ensuring we accept what happens and are placated as it does.

It's how we accepted the very institutions that built our middle class, labor unions, becoming weakened, broken up and worn down (granted they did themselves no favors in some instances). Corporations shipped our jobs to countries that didn't have unions and didn't mind not having them and could live on less than $3.00 a day. What do they have to lose? Corporations are not democracies and they don't aspire to be.

Accepting things are the way they are and cannot be changed is how we allow tax dollars to be used to get oil and riches for wealthy corporations overseas and to act as security for companies already established overseas. They don't hire Americans at those overseas operations; in some cases they don't even hire locals, just import workers from the world's poorest countries. They aren't allowed to form unions and pay the price for speaking up by being fired or worse. Yet, even though we, the vast majority of Americans, have absolutely no stake in what goes on over there, as these are private corporations, we are asked to pay for the troops guarding the oil fields, the mines, the low wage/ dangerous working conditions high profit factories and more. They wave a flag and before we really look at the evidence or listen to those saying there is none we are all for using tax dollars to make some corporation wealthier when Americans are the ones losing jobs, houses and our kids futures.

It's how we accept the standard of education for our children slipping well below many Eastern and Western nations. On a chart from November of 2010 displaying the top countries with children performing at the advanced level in math proficiency the top ten nations are Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Finland, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, New Zealand and the Czech Republic. We are currently just behind Lithuania at number thirty one. ( Some may say 'you win some you lose some,' but we used to be at number one just a couple of decades ago. Our position has been steadily dropping while others have been steadily gaining that's our future squandered as wealthy corporations have us pay to protect their factories and get more oil.

In order for the establishment to get its way and the candidates they feel will push the pen across pieces of legislation they wish to see enacted, we need to be convinced. For them to make sure they will get their person elected there needs to be not one but two people similar on larger issues with differences here and there on the minor ones that don't matter as much. Sure, when they campaign they will sound different and act different, but what is needed is two; Plan A and Plan B.

To be convincing there needs to be the ups and downs, there needs to be drama and twists. If it starts to look too obvious and too many people are saying “this is starting to all look a little manufactured and bought and paid for” throw in the unexpected twist so people lose sight of the end and focus on the present. But in the end the candidate must appeal to people on a national level and on a global stage also. The smile must be perfect and the background representative of all those things speaking to the traditions and ethos of our nation. It's the same in the primaries. There's the establishment favorite and then backups just in case they need to go to Plan B etc. With only two real parties allowed to gain access to Congress it makes thing tidy – no questions asked.

As the election goes on members of each candidate's party gives nods towards their side's pick. They develop a baseline of disparaging attacks against each other; which never ceases. The attacks are heard in commercials, they're be heard during stump speeches and during debates. They'll be heard from all the pundits and during interviews from former representatives and current ones alike. They're signals to us as to where they stand, who they stand for and why they stand for whom they support.

But as Election Day draws you might begin to hear and see other personal signals. These signals would be surprising if sustained, but they would be short enough to register quickly and be easily dismissed. They'll then be drowned out in the immersion back into the clouds of negativity and party line vitriol.

However, like weights placed on opposite sides of the balance scales they may help to tip things in the favor of one side and certainly begin to eliminate doubt that the possibility exists the other could have won. If even those supposed to be ardently against the other become less staunch, however subtly, it can affect our notion that their being elected is impossible. The “no way” becomes the “maybe” and the “not this year” becomes the “maybe so.”

The media could be treating the favored side as though they will most likely win and have the wind at their backs. For instance, in 2010 the Tea Party was talked about on all news channels as the saving grace for the Republican Party. Oh the drama of the party that was “on the brink of extinction,” then brought back by this grassroots movement funded by billionaires, with full page ads taken out in the Washington Post by FOX News network (, high tech training classes and all the disruptions at the town hall meetings. They were the thing that brought the GOP back from the brink as they would be gone and … what was the alternative again?

Well anyhow, this election cycle, according to the media, they are now the thing that has been helping to cause disharmony among the GOP and are being treated like step children, even though not enough of their candidates were elected in 2010 to really make any difference and Republicans signed off on a backdoor stimulus package just after the 2010 elections in December of that year. (

Republicans have been struggling because of this huge rift in the party from a group we have barely heard a peep out of right? Occupy Wall Street has been everywhere – at least until they were effectively infiltrated and run out of their protest encampments like those the establishment was so willing to stand up for during the Arab Spring – but the Tea Party? Where have they been this year to have caused so much disharmony? Perhaps they’ve been sitting at home eating Cheetos and playing video games that enhance psychic ability to influence us or something (lol).

It would be the same with other forms of media like commercials, TV, movies and songs – not all of course, but perhaps enough. There may be slogans endemic to particular candidates, parties or associated movements woven into commercials or things that sound like those slogans. It may give the appearance it was just their year, depending on the year.

Though it may sound like it this isn't about conspiracies, just what people with money and power want to see happen and what they feel will get them what they want. The same methods they use to get us to buy their products, they use to try and get us to buy their candidate. To get that there is only one thing standing in their way - votes. So they just use the one thing they have to get them – money. Pay attention this year as the election draws on. Maybe some subtle signals will pop themselves up. Of course if too many people catch on, there's always the other guy on the other side that they know in the end will put pen to paper on the key issues also – no matter what's said on the campaign trail.

This matters because it's how our votes are being bought and we aren't getting anything out of the deal. When we get frustrated we may even get movements that appear and disappear right on cue as if to say “you don't need to be mad they're being made for you” and so on, just less and less each time as the income gap grows. At times we've become a people handing the keys to our future to those wishing to steal a little bit of it for themselves and give us cable TV in exchange.

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