Elections are today

Tuesday is the General Election with races for U.S. Representative, State, and County offices. There are also referenda - on war & impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and Township tax rate (in Champaign only). Polls are open 6am - 7pm. Find your polling place and view a sample ballot here: https://www.champaigncountyclerk.com/elections/registration_status.html Happy voting!

Voter Registration problem with UIUC kiosk

After just moving back to town from the east coast, I chose to register to vote at one of the new "kiosks" in the UIUC undergraduate library. I am on campus a lot, and this seemed like a wonderful way to save time while doing what is needed to get on the rolls. I stopped into the library on the last day of voter registration, and found the computer terminal that was set up for registration on the bottom floor of the building. I filled out the on-line form, and signed and deposited the printed out form at the kiosk. It was my first time registering at a kiosk, so I made a point to read the directions I was given, and to follow them closely. I remember getting a receipt, and putting it away, thinking that I would, of course, never really need it again. I read all the instructions, filled out all the boxes asked by the computer, signed and dropped the paper form in the slot, and was told I was registered. So I put it away somewhere. Now, it seems I was quite wrong in thinking this. Just yesterday, I checked my on-line to see if my polling place had changed since living here last, and found that I am not registered. I called the County Clerk's office, and they confirmed this too, telling me that I could vote in my old polling place. This is most upsetting. Aimee R.

Recommendations or where to find them?

Can anyone recommend any write-in candidates for
  • Sheriff (Dan Walsh [R] on ballot)
  • County Treasurer (Daniel J. Welch [R] on ballot)
  • Regional Office Of Education (Jane E. Quinlan [R] on ballot)
  • Judge of the Circuit Court (Jeffrey B. "Jeff" Ford [R] on ballot)
?? Also, any specific feedback on judges? I think Mark Shelden has recommended a No vote on Michael Q Jones (see illinipundit.com), but that's all I've seen.

election fact sheet?

yeah, any info at all on the local elections would be helpful. after searching in vain for info about today's ballot options, I stumbled into a voting booth and drew some ovals. if the imc could throw together some sort of fact sheet to accompany future ballots, it could make informed voting much easier. seriously, who knows seven local judges by name?

The Problem with Write-Ins

I might be wrong about this, but I think under Illinois law unless a candidate has registered as a write-in candidate prior to the election it won't be counted anyway. Does anyone know for sure? AFAIK, there are no registered write-in candidates for any of the races mentioned above that have only one official candidate. In cases where I don't feel like wholeheartedly giving my vote to the only candidate listed, I just skip it. This is just one more example where Illinois election laws unduly and unfairly restricting ballot access leave the voter with too few viable choices.

Write-In Candidates


OK, that helps. There are certified write-in candidates for governor and lt. governor. For the local offices that were mentioned earlier, sorry, you're out of luck.

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