E-Petition: Why we stand for immediate withdrawal of all U.S troops from Iraq

Join Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Ali Abunimah, Eduardo Galeano, Anthony Arnove, Michael Albert, Kelly Dougherty from IVAW, Rashid Khalidi, Camilo Mejía, Arundhati Roy, Cindy Sheehan, Eve Ensler, Howard Zinn and thousands of others who have already signed this statement. Together we can send a message from Illinois - and across the country that is unmistakably clear. Bring the troops home — not in six months, not in a year, but now. Petition Text: Why we stand for immediate withdrawal of all U.S troops from Iraq. THE U.S. occupation of Iraq has not liberated the Iraqi people, but has made life worse for most Iraqis. Tens of thousands of U.S. service people have been killed or maimed, and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis have lost their lives as a result of the U.S. invasion in 2003, the ongoing occupation, and the violence unleashed by them. Iraq's infrastructure has been destroyed, and U.S. plans for reconstruction abandoned. There is less electricity, less clean drinking water, and more unemployment today than before the U.S. invasion. -All of the justifications initially provided by the U.S. for waging war on Iraq have been exposed as lies; the real reasons for the invasion — to control Iraq's oil reserves and to increase U.S. strategic influence in the region — now stand revealed. The Bush administration has insisted again and again that stability, democracy, and prosperity are around the next bend in the road. But with each day that the U.S. stays, the violence and lack of security facing Iraqis worsen. The U.S. says that it cannot withdraw its military because Iraq will collapse into civil war if it does. But the U.S. has deliberately stoked sectarian divisions in its ongoing attempt to install a U.S.-friendly regime, thus driving Iraq towards civil war. The November elections in the United States sent a clear message that voters reject the Iraq war, and opinion polls show that seven in 10 Iraqis want the U.S. to leave sooner rather than later. Even most U.S. military and political leaders agree that staying the course in Iraq is a policy that is bound to fail. Yet all the various alternative plans for Iraq now being discussed in Washington, including those proposed by House and Senate Democrats, aren't about withdrawing the U.S. military from Iraq. Rather, these strategies are about continuing the pursuit of U.S. goals in Iraq and the larger Middle East using different means. Even the proposal to redeploy U.S. troops outside of Iraq, a plan favored by many Democratic Party leaders, envisions continued U.S. intervention inside Iraq. With former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger insisting that a military victory in Iraq is no longer possible and (Ret.) Lt. Gen. William Odom calling for "complete withdrawal" of all U.S. troops, the antiwar movement should demand no less than the immediate withdrawal of the U.S. military — as well as reparations to the Iraqi people, so they can rebuild their own society and genuinely determine their own future. We call on the U.S. to get out of Iraq — not in six months, not in a year, but now. - Initial Signatories - - Ali Abunimah, ElectronicIraq.net - Gilbert Achcar, Author, Clash of Barbarisms - Michael Albert, Znet - Tariq Ali, Author, Bush in Babylon - Anthony Arnove, Author Iraq: The Logic of Withdrawal - Noam Chomsky, Author, Hegemony or Survival - Kelly Dougherty, Executive Director, Iraq Veterans Against the War* - Eve Ensler, Playwright, The Vagina Monologues - Eduardo Galeano, Author, The Open Veins of Latin America - Rashid Khalidi, Edward Said Professor of Arab Studies, Columbia University - Camilo Mejía, First Iraq War resister - Arundhati Roy, Author God of Small Things - Cindy Sheehan,Gold Star Families for Peace, mother of Army Spc. Casey Sheehan, killed in Iraq - Howard Zinn, Author, A People's History of the United States If you agree, please add your signature by clicking on the link below [ http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/OutNow/ ] This petition initiative also appears as a new 'Action Item" proposal on the website for the Illinois Coalition for Peace and Justice [ http://www.ilcpj.org/actions/details/?id=159 ] Note: The Illinois signatures below are listed in the order posted to the I Petition website. The national total is being constantly updated at the bottom of the page as signatures pour in from across the country. To see the latest total, hit your browser refresh button once you've accessed the website. [ http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/OutNow/ ] 1. Dick Reilly -Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism 2. Tracy Van Slyke - In These Times 3. Christine Geovanis -HammerHard MediaWorks 4. Daniel Romero 5. Rose Trejo - International Socialist Organization 6. Julien Ball 7. Andrew Heiserman 8. Adam Norden 9. Erik Bowen 10. Norman Watkins- Alumni of University of IL 11. Alice Kim- Campaign to End the Death Penalty, ISO 12. Francisco Cisneros - Pilsen-Little Village Community Mental Health Center, Inc. 13. Patricia Miller 14. Helen Redmond 15. Carrie Cusulick 16. Anand Gopal 17. Eric Ruder 18. Andy Thayer - Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism, Gay Liberation Network 19. Mary Hough 20. Joleen Kirschenman 21. Dennis Kosuth 22. Kathleen Walsh - Military Families Speak Out 23. Reuven Kaminer 24. Matthew Murrey 25. Chris Kade 26. Michael McIntyre - DePaul University 27. Richard Wenger - Carpenters International Union 28. Patrck Barnard 29. Michael Weber 30. Adam Turl - International Socialist Organization 31. Judith Wittner - Loyola University 32. Bob Schwartz - AFSCME 3477 (retired) 33. Margaret Power 34. Peter Bradley 35. Lance Selfa - Editor, The Struggle for Palestine 36. Kenneth Green 37. Jacob Buckrop 38. Keeanga Yamahtta Taylor - Northeastern Illinois University Students Against the War 39. Troy Pasulka - Cornell University 40. Elizabeth Lalasz - Harold Washington College, City Colleges of Chicago 41. Bruce Fields 42. Robert Steel - SAVAIPA 43. Spencer Thayer - Printing and Publishing House Workers Industrial Union 450, IWW 44. Twyman Jones - Illinois State University 45. Joanne Speer 46. Sussan Navabi - UIC Students For Social Justice 47. William Ayers - U of Illinois at Chicago 48. William Lamb 49. Mary Hirose 50. JoeLapsley 51. Tom Newman 52. John Platt 53. Erik Lobo - VVAW/ Vets For Peace 54. Carl McSweeney 55. Kim Abel 56 Amanda Armstrong - University of Chicago . 57. Douglas Jett 58. Michael Moon 59. Don Samaan 60. Rick Coleman 61. Dan Kenney 62. Rupa Shah 63. Ron Chew 64. Walter Ruf 65. Naz O. 66. Bill Chambers 67. Kent McNeill 68. Julia Field - Chicago Area CodePINK 69. Dawn Anderson 70. Mary Beth Ingberg 71. Carl G. Estabrook - U of Illinois 72. Sonny Garcia - AFSCME 73. John Haberstroh 74. Linda Artl 75. Newland Smith - Episcopal Peace Fellowship 76. Widad Al Bassam - Arab American Action Network 77. John Dixon 78. Michael Abdul-Malik Ryan 79. Nadia Kanhai - Greater Aurora Peace & Justice 80. Lauren Fleer - University of Illinois - Chicago 81. Mark Almberg 82. Kyla Klein 83. Siobhan Kolar - Northern Illinois University 84. Jim Spurgeon 85. Paul D'Amato - International Socialist Review 86. Willard Gray - Retired U.S. Military, 1964 87. Stuart Easterling - University of Chicago 88. Carol Novak 89 Steve Macek - North Central College 90. Sean Schwabenlander 91. Luisanna Zamora 92. Kevin Clark - International Solidarity Movement - Chicago Chapter 93. Wm Deutsch 94. Paul Appell 95. Elizabeth Parker Siebeck 96. Robyn Rybarski 97. Batool Jafri 98. Peter Klimon 99. Susan Osada 100. Patricia Guizzetti - Chicago Teacher's Union 101. John F. Kelleher - UBC Local #13 102. Richard Hagen - Teamsters 103. Graham Shaw - UIC student 104. Joe Iosbaker - Freedom Road Socialist Organization 105. Jon Bailey - Chicago Coalition Against War and Racism 106. James Owens - UIC 107. Chris Kaihatsu - Marxist.com (for affiliation purposes only) 108. Jeffrey J. Black 109. Amy Meyers - Chicagoland Coalition Opposed to the Militarization of Youth, Chicago Coalition Against War & Racism 110. Mary Shesgreen 111. Rev. Robert Poe - www.redstarremodeling.com 112. Andrew Lehman 113. Dan Lichtenstein-Boris 114. Virginia Wisdom 115. Joel Geier - International Socialist Organization. 116. Patrick Murfin - Interfaith Council for Social Justice, McHenry Co. IL. 117. Martin Smith - Univ. of Illinois-Campus Antiwar Network 118. Carl Davidson - Chicagoans Against War and Injustice 119. Burton Steck 120. Michael Lynn - Billionaires for Bush 121. Hendrik Hoeve 122. Theodore Steck - University of Chicago 123. Jared Kubokawa 124. Elise Auerbach 125. K. Ryann Zalewski - National Lawyers Guild 126. Dickelle Fonda - North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice 127. Louis Hirsch 128. James Jaeger 129. Alan Maass - Socialist Worker 130. Steven Grossman - Various 131. Gregg Brazel 132. Peter Sporn - Northwestern University 133. Dale Lehman - Neighbors For Peace 134. John Bradley 135. Stephen Sellers 136. Joan Sessions 137 Lenore Wolf 138. Dan Weakley 139. Hatem Abudayyeh 140. Eric Schuster - Strike Online Journal 141. Yanni Chill - Campus AntiWar Network (UIUC) 142. Meredith Luera 143. Stansfield Smith - Chicago Committee to Free the Cuban 5 144. Sharon Weinblatt 145. Jean Paskalides - Lake Area Peace Partners 146. Rosalie Riegle 147. Sarah Staggs 148. Sarah Schroeder 149. Karen Pallist - Neighbors For Peace 150. Donald Goldhamer 151. Timi Papas 152. Sam Jebamony 153. James Fennerty - National Lawyers Guild 154. David Adams 155. Margaret Haracz - Military Families Speak Out - Chicago Chapter 156 .Norman Yeaton - Anti-war.com reader 157. Betsy Schonitzer 158. Alena Dryden 159. Earl G. Bley Jr.

Additional Illinois signers

160. Matt Larson - Northeastern Illinois University Students Against War,ISO 161. Kelvin Rodolfo - University of Illinois at Chicago 162. Dennis Murphy 163. Dale Peters - Veterans For Progress IL 164. Manijeh Marashi 165. Sarah McNeill 166. Neighbors for Peace - Evanston 167. Scott Gilbert 168. Seema Imam - EduVision Plus Consulting 169. Robin Schirmer - Chicago Area CodePINK 170. Howard Ehrman - UIC 171. Sharon Klopner 172. Maria Ortiz Martinez 173. Ahndrea Sprattling - Harold Washington College 174. Richard Henzel - Screen Actors Guild, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Actors Equity Association 175. Daniel Dworsky 176. Carol Hayse - Chicago Teachers Union 177. David Harwick 178. Eileen Frazier 179. Mary O'Sullivan - Friends of Irish Freedom 180. Phillip Kullen - CRLN / Co-Op America 181. Margaret Brady 182. Dawn Silver 183. Deborah Shaw-Staley 184. Ronald Ivan Staley 185. Violet Staley 186. Michael Kirk 187. Jessica Schwartz 188. Fr. Jim Hoffman, OFM - Sacred Heart Province JPIC 189. Kristin McKay 190. Shiren Rattigan 191. Michiko Bickelman 192. Gabriela Fitz 193. Patricia McCue 194. Ian Wisniewski - SAG/AFTRA 195. Claudia Masterson 196. Karina Wisniewski - SAG/AFTRA 197. Janise Hurtig - University of Illinois at Chicago 198. Nicole O'Hara 199. John O'Hara - IBEW Local 134 200. Tony Hintze 201. Sr. Dorothy Pagosa 202. Jim Vail - CPS

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