Demolition of Historic Booker T. Washington Elementary Underway

The demolition of Booker T. Washington Elementary began on May 19, 2010. A new two-story school costing $18 million is going to be built to fulfill the requirements of the "consent decree." The new school will double in size, significantly impacting the neighborhood.A traffic study has been conducted showing the increased traffic in the area.

According to local black activist Terry Townsend, a plan is underway to destroy the historic Douglass Park neighborhood. 



To make "Demolition ..." into journalism...

... try to answer these questions.


Why the scare quotes on "'consent decree'" ?


Is the increased traffic the only impact on the neighborhood?


What does it mean to destroy the neighborhood?  Is Terry Townsend's belief that there is a plan to destroy the neighborhood supported by any evidence?

This article is very low on

This article is very low on information, but makes up for it with scaremongering. Maybe if you had worked some facts into this article, readers would know why someone might think they were destroying the neighborhood, but as it is it reads like a non sequitor.Maybe you should try to have a thesis and back it up with evidence when you set out to write something next time, readers will thank you.



Criticism from Ignorance, Not Impressed

Yeah, if you're completely disconnected from the local African-American community, criticisms might sound a lot like yours. Interestingly, you complain about something which the local media do in the other direction as a matter of course. But here you get the ability to file a comment. Too bad you mainly discredited any basis you have for being taken seriously.

As for 'scare quotes' <--- they are like that.

You are wrong about scare

You are wrong about scare quotes, actually. It means a particular usage of quotation markes, not a particular type (as you stated above). By the definition of scare quotes, the ones put around consent decree in the article definitely qualify:

"Scare quotes is a term for a particular use of quotation marks. In this application, quotation marks are placed around a single word or phrase to indicate that the word or phrase does not signify its literal or conventional meaning. In contrast to the nominal typographic purpose of quotation marks, the enclosed word(s) are not necessarily quoted from another source." From Wikipedia.


Let me get this right...a

Let me get this right...a lawsuit was filed in federal court saying that the champaign school district was not putting enought financial resources into schools in predominately black neighborhoods.  That impacted black student achievement in the process.  As a result, a voluntary consent decree was entered into by the the school district and the group that filed the federal lawsuit which was entirely comprised of black parents/students.  Thus the development of "schools of controlled choice."  Now, the Champaign school district is apparently doubling the size of one of the few elementary schools in the heart of north Champaign, which is a predominately black neighborhood.  People are now complaining about that???  I just don't get it...

I agree more information is needed.

Even though I have an idea as to where you are going with this article, there does need to be more information/history included in order to be able to properly frame and contextualize the concerns that are being expressed. Otherwise it leaves the audience guessing and wondering what is going on.

Just my two cents...Marti

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