Community Mobilization Saturday, Oct. 7

COMMUNITY MOBILIZATION SATURDAY An excellent oppurtunity to " connect the dots " in the community ( ie. gather and unify everyone who is fed-up with the current situation and who want change ! ). We should try to set aside the time to do these series of rallies / marches for the purpose of outreach to fight back against the common enemy. The Debs dinner in Terre Haute is not until 7pm, so there is plenty of time to turn-out until at least 3pm. UNITY MARCH ; NOON - 2PM Meet at the used car parking lot on the north-west corner of Bradley and Prospect ( behind Jiffy-Lube ). The March will leave from there, head west to McKinley, north on McKinley to Paula Dr., head west on Paula Dr. to Garden Hills Dr., head south on Garden Hills ( across the railroad tracks ) to Hedge Rd., down Hedge Rd. to Bradley and back east on Bradley to the small park just east of the Bradley McKinley Housing Project for a rally and speeches. NEWS GAZETTE DEMONSTRATION ; 2PM - 3PM Meet at the public parking lot on the north-west corner of Main and Neil, march one-block from there ( east ) to the News ( Nazi ) Gazette building. Some of the themes will be ; " STOP THE LIES, STOP THE CENSORSHIP, STOP DIS-RESPECTING VETERANS, STOP RACIAL PROFILING, STOP THE BLACK-OUT ON NEWS ABOUT UNIONS AND THEIR EVENTS ! ANTI-WAR VIGIL ; 3PM - 4PM Corner of Neil and Main street. Be there or be square, don't miss this oppurtunity to unify all of the forces of the community to fight back against the common enemy !

Why have not protests

Why have not protests against Iraqi war and Aphganistani war worked by now? Where are moderate people of ALL parties' affiliations who were from the beginning against radical actions of government inside and outside of the country? Seems that nobody paid much attention to them. Isn't this election the right time to change this picture?

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