City Council Decides of New WRFU Tower Tonight!

New Tower: Current tower on the left; proposed tower on the rightJoin WRFU and other IMC supporters tonight, Monday April 4th, at 7pm at the City Chambers just across Vine St. from Lincoln Square (click for a map). We will present our case to get a new, higher radio tower. It'll be 100 feet tall, stand in the alley next to the building (instead of on top of the building) and reach further into Urbana and Champaign. Come to talk about how the radio station has made an impact in your life and in the lives of people in the community, or just be there to show that you care. This is the last meeting in front of the city. This evening, we will hopefully get the OK from the City to put up the new tower.

-Tatyana Safronova, WRFU Volunteer


WRFU SUP Approved

The Urbana City Council approved the SUP to allow construction of a permanent tower for WRFU at the IMC. A number of conditions apply, including review by the Illinois Historical Preservation Agency. Thanks to everyone who has supported and contributed to this much needed project as we move on to securing the final permits and construct the tower. We will keep you advised of developments and what you can do to help WRFU complete the task.

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