Chief Illiniwek appears in a retrospective on racism on the Colbert Report, 2/1/2007

A screenshot of Chief Illiniwek as he appeared in "a short look back on racism" on the Colbert Report, Comedy Central (note logo on the bottom), February 1st, 2007.

Here's the video on YouTube:

A Caveat and another Clip

The argument that the original clip was an infringment is overly simplistic. Copyright law provides for "fair use" of excerpts for a number of substantive reasons that could be applied to this particular situation. I'm not an attorney, but I think Indymedia should be cautious about knee-jerk reactions and uncritical assumptions that play into the mindgames of corporations. Here's another interesting clip on the "ChieF':

The copyright infringement

The copyright infringement had nothing to do with Indymedia. Rather, the current Viacom actions will probably remove the clip, resulting in a dead link. I was just preventing that!

It's fine

Thanks for the pointer to the embedded Comedy Central video. If the YouTube link breaks, it shouldn't be a big deal.

The YouTube video

It seemed like "fair use" to me also, though the Comedy Central clip that I put up instead actually contained more material from the show. This is the YouTube, which just has the "Racism Retrospective" video.

Copyright Infringement

This article links to a Viacom clip on YouTube. It'll probably be taken down in the next day or two for copyright infringement. Accordingly, I think UCIMC should hide this article to avoid copyright infringement. Alternatively, you could link to a legal version of the clip. The same clip is available here, through Comedy Central's own website.

We replaced the YouTube with

We replaced the YouTube with the embedded ComedyCentral video.

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